Excited to treat you all with a simple and optionally hygienic, sweet and savoury, no fat, raw vegan noodle recipe!

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Whoaaa Finally, TO the Recipe!

This is a super simple and optionally hygienic no fat raw vegan recipe that can really help you to get in more greens. Most people find it pretty easy to get a bunch of fruit into their diet, via smoothies, fruit soups, juices etc, but have a hard time getting in enough greens. Most well versed long term raw food experts recommend getting at least 1 – 2% of your total calories from greens, that doesn’t seem like a lot but when you consider that ends up being 1-2+ lb’s of greens you see that it is a large amount.

Something unique about this dish is that it includes greens as the noodles as well as has some in the sauce. To some this may seem strange at first but they are mixed in such a way that they bring a depth of flavour to the sauce that makes one think there are more ingredients in it than there are. Another unique aspect of this recipe is that it uses sweet fruit paired with greens, which is a great digestive combo, as opposed to acid fruits and fat, which is more typical for a dinner meal for many. This is advantageous if one wishes to get in more calories without adding in more fat, or if one wishes to curb a sweet craving and salty craving all at once!

The star of this recipe is the mighty Persimmon, a seasonal fall treat that leaves one waiting in anticipation for its season. There are more than a few types of persimmons but for simplicities sake we will divide them into astringent (the most common being the cone shaped Hachiya) and non astringent persimmons(the most common being the tomato shaped Fuyu). The astringent varieties need to be ripened to the point that many would think its gone bad, fully fully soft and starting to turn translucent, otherwise you will find trying to eat one leaves your mouth feeling as if you tried to eat insulation. If you pick up a ripe hachiya persimmon you need to be very careful as it almost feels like a water balloon that is about to burst! The non astringent varieties on the other hand can be eaten hard or soft, for this recipe we want very soft goopy persimmons, hachiya is my preferred choice but ripe fuyu’s will do as well!

I really hope you Love this recipe and find new ways to play in the kitchen with these unique tricks and tips!

sweet n savoury noodles

Sweet and Savoury Noodles!

1.5 lb / 860 g really ripe persimmons (can swap for mango)
1 lb / 460 g bok choy (baby or full size)
1.5 lb / 860 g nappa cabbage
Optional: ginger and 1 tbsp curry powder

Sweet and savoury noodle ingredients

Start by thinly slicing 3/4 – 5/6 of the nappa cabbage, starting at the thin leafy end, into thin noodles.

Do the same to the bok choy and add the noodles of both into a large bowl.

Loosely chop the bottom reserved ends of the bok choy and nappa cabbage, put aside.

Make sure your persimmons are very ripe and juicy, remove any seeds and place into your blender – If you can not find persimmons substitute with fresh or frozen and thawed mango.

Add the reserved and rough chopped bok choy and nappa cabbage bottoms to the blender along with any optional ingredients.

Blend all till super smooth, pour over the noodles and stir to mix well!!


I really hope you enjoy this recipe a ton and have a amazing holiday season with loved ones!!

Wishing you much

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