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The Raw Advantage “Better than Nori” Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets Recipe

Drum Roll Please…

Enjoy my New, Chris Kendall Original Recipe

“Better Than Nori”

Seaweed Free 100% Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets! 🙂

Better than Nori Sushi Wraps

I hope you Love love love the Video and enjoy making and eating them yourself.

Full recipe and Bonus sauce recipe below 🙂

For years I have read about both the potential “positive” and “negative’ qualities/effects of seaweeds and aquatic plants in general. For a long while I have sat on the fence enjoying them in small amounts here and there really more for the flavour than anything, usually feeling gross if I overdo it.

Recently I found out something that made me want to research more and ultimately avoid seaweeds for the most part, Nori in particular..

Before the landslide of Seaweed lovers start bashing this post I fully acknowledge that Contamination free seaweeds may indeed have a host of positive nutritional qualities (such as iodine and Vitamin K) that can help detoxify the body from radiation and heavy metals. That said, the risks and realities around seaweed and specifically Nori that I will post below have led me to choose to avoid recommending and consuming it in general.
Out of a real need for vegan uncontaminated sushi papers I chose to create and now leak this Fully Raw Vegan “Better than Nori” Terrestrial Sushi sheet recipe straight from my Upcoming “Cravings Busters” Low Fat Transitional Raw Gourmet Series!

Thus “Better than Nori” Raw Vegan Sushi Wraps was born.

raw vegan sushi the raw advantage costa rica

PS. UPDATE – 6 years after making this post and recipe I have found incredible quality certified organic, raw, vegan independently tested nori that I LOVE. Learn a ton more and get 5% off with my code “CHRIK5” at RawNori.com.
PPS. I still fully enjoy the “Better than Nori” recipe and count all the points below as valid for the majority of Nori.

Without going full-on into this being a scientific reference-filled paper (I would recommend you research and determine your position and validity of these points for yourself) I will share the main points that let me personally Drop Nori from my menu.

1. Nori and seaweed in general act like filters in the ocean, as our ocean’s toxicity has gone up so have the heavy metal levels in seaweed over time. While its true contamination-free nori can help bind heavy metals in our body, consuming nori that is already concentrated with heavy metals will likely only contribute to our toxic load rather than help remove it.

2. Since Fukushima the levels of radioactive plutonium and cesium have gone up significantly in the ocean (from dumping these toxic wastes), Nori takes in and concentrates these radioactive isotopes. While there are no definitive comparative studies of the levels of radiation and heavy metals in Nori Pre and Post Fukushima (I am yet aware of) there are indicators that even before Japan’s Nuclear Disaster the levels were going up. IMHO it is prudent to stick to pre-Fukushima seaweeds or avoid them all in general. Most of our seaweeds are harvested in Japan, China, and Korea, specifically Nori. With the Nuclear Disaster being in that area in general and so much waste being dumped into the ocean I personally am wary.

3. Nori and most seaweeds in general contain high levels of Sodium in the form of Sea Salt. While some consider sea salt to be very healthful I have come to believe and find out physically otherwise.

To learn more check out this entire post I did on Sea Salt and all forms of “healthful” salt. “Sea Salt Is it Good For You?”

4. Personally every time I have consumed more than a few sheets of nori seaweed I have felt gross the next day and often burped up the flavor. This is even from high-quality “raw vegan” nori that was made with simple combinations of veggies and avocado.

Last but certainly not least, in fact, the one that leads me to Create “Better than Nori” Sushi Sheets

5. Nori is very questionably Vegan… Yes… But how you may ask?

a) Well First, Nori is often grown using mollusk shells or similar shells that come from seafood processors that use the meat. Just from this, some would say Nori is “For Sure” Not Vegan, while others would say that growing a plant from the remains of animal products/remains (shells) is hazy “vegan” ground. I mean I have eaten vegetables grown from a garden that uses manure but personally wouldn’t wish to eat from a garden that uses fish bones and guts…

b) Second, Once fully grown on nets Nori is generally collected in such a way that tiny crustaceans and sea life (such as copepods and bryozoans; a copepod is a tiny shrimp) are inevitably also captured. During this collection process many die, during the cleaning process many die, in fact during the blending and drying process some are inevitably still mixed in the slurry creating a seaweed/sea life nori sheet.

So there you have it. I’d invite you to research more yourself and make up your own mind.

I do want to say…

I am not an expert on seaweed, or the vegan police, nor am I saying that ALL Nori is processed in such a way. I have seen packages of very expensive raw nori sheets that say “vegan” right on the package but have not personally contacted the companies to find out the exact processing methods. This can be a hot topic with strong feelings and opinions on both sides, to me it’s simply one that everyone can make for themselves.

One aside, there are more than a few “vegan” products out there that are quite questionable, this isn’t a “Good or Bad” issue IMHO but rather a point to be taken into consideration among the other factors when making your own choice.

For me anyways I would rather eat my “Better Than Nori” sheets, they taste better and leave me feeling better too  🙂

Hope you Love Love the Recipe regardless 🙂

Better than Nori seaweed free sushi sheets

Recommended equipment

a Knife,

a cutting board,

Vitamix Blender,

Excalibur Dehydrator

(you can pick up a Vitamix and Excalibur with Free Shipping Here)

This recipe makes 3 full-sized Excalibur dehydrator Trays which can be cut into 12 – 18 sushi sheets that can yield 60 – 90 pieces of sushi.Better than Nori ingredients

“Better Than Nori” Raw Vegan Sushi Sheets

Papaya, 3 cups chopped (approx. 1 lb)

Zucchini, 3 cups chopped (approx. 1 lb)

Tomato, 3 cups chopped (approx. 1 lb)

Purslane, 3-5 big handfuls (approx. .7 lb)

Red Chard, 10 big leaves or 2 handfuls (approx. .4 lb)

Spinach, 2 big handfuls (approx. .25 lb)

Arugula, 2 handfuls (approx. .15 lb)

Green Onion, 10 pieces (approx. .15 lb)


Red Okra, Ginger, Garlic, Horseradish (each to taste)

*** note: In the video, we used Costa Rica and Chinese Spinach… Substitute regular spinach and optional red Okra for the jelling properties. Red Cabbage can also be used for color.

Cube equal parts Zucchini, Papaya, and Tomato, enough to fill the Vitamix till near overflowing (just over 64 ounces). Blend till smooth. Add in all the greens you can fit and Blend at slow speeds using the tamper. If you don’t have a Vitamix you may need to make this in batches and use celery to push the greens in. Blend to a medium smooth texture, you don’t want to puree it completely but you also don’t want it too chunky. Keep adding greens until they are all mixed in well. Add in Optional Ingredients if desired and blend again.

Pour the mixture onto 3 teflex lined Excalibur trays (or your chosen dehydrator) tilting, rotating, and spreading the mixture around the tray until it creates an even layer across the entire square sheet. You may want to watch the video for this part, it can take some practice tilting and shaping the sheet with a knife.

better than nori wet
Place the sheets into the dehydrator at 115° for 10 – 12 hours. Flip and carefully peel off the Teflex sheet if dry enough (tacky or fully dry) to do so. Place back on the tray without teflex and dry a further 1-3 hours if necessary.

Once fully dry fold the sheet in half once, then again to make 4 big square sheets, or in half, then in thirds to make 6 equal rectangular pieces.
Cut along the fold lines with scissors to desired size. Pre-cut each sheet into 4 – 5 individual sushi pieces leaving an inch at the top of each cut, as shown.

better than nori scissors better than nori cut

If you’re not using promptly store it in an air-tight ziplock bag with parchment or wax paper between every few pieces.

Your Fully Raw Vegan Better than Nori Sushi Sheets are now Done!!
To use these little guys up you have many options…

Make “rice” out of finely pulsed or grated Cauliflower, Jicama, Heart of Palm, Cabbage, Zucchini, or sprouts.

Better than nori filling ingredients
Use that as the Base then layer that with your favorite sliced veggies such as
Red Peppers, Zucchini, Carrots, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Cabbage, Avocado…
The Sky is the Limit!!

It Really helps to use some Lemon juice on the edge of the wrap when rolling it to help the wrap stick…

Roll it up carefully, Practice makes Perfect, then cut along the Pre Cut Lines!

better than nori rolled

There You Have it,

Fully Raw Vegan Seaweed Free Better Than Nori Sushi!!

Better than nori seaweed free vegan sushi

***You can even get more gourmet with Marinated or Plain Mushrooms, Salt-Free Sauerkraut (in my upcoming Cravings Busters series), Low fat Nut Pate and “cheezes”, Ginger, and more!

Get as Creative as you like!

PS. UPDATE – 6 years after making this post and recipe I have found incredible quality certified organic, raw, vegan independently tested nori that I LOVE. Learn a ton more and get 5% off with my code “CHRIK5” at RawNori.com.

Bonus Dipping Sauce Recipe!

Celery, 5 stalks (1/3 lb)

Mango, 1 medium (.4 lb)

Sun Dried Tomatoes, 1/4 cup

Lemon, 1 (.2 lb)

Black Sesame Seeds, 2 tbsp

Ginger, Garlic, and Horseradish to taste.

Blend Celery until pureed, Strain in a nut milk bag and transfer 1/2 back to blender. Squeeze in lemon, add dried tomatoes, mango, and sesame seeds, and blend till smooth. Add Celery juice till desired consistency is reached, I prefer it thin but thick enough to stick to the sushi when it is dipped.
Watch out for my “Better than Soya Sauce” low-fat Salt and Soy free recipe in my upcoming Cravings Busters Series!!

Hope you enjoy these Recipes, this Post, Video as well!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. This is pretty awesome! Is the purslane optional? I've never seen it in any store. (I used to see it growing in my old back yard. I thought it was a weed!).

  2. Wow! This is an amaziing site. Our family started our raw food diet ten days ago. We have been vegans for ten years. We love vegetable sushi, but we were worried about the possible chance of seaweed contamination. We are so glad to have found you and this wonderful recipe for raw sushi. Thank you.

    1. Awww so blessed to hear you enjoy the site and found the sushi post helpful!! If there is anything I can share to help in your raw journey do let me know, I offer consultation by donation and would not hesitate to talk to your whole family at once 🙂 If interested contact my PA Sarah at info@therawadvantage.com and we can get flowing 🙂
      WIshing u all much PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

  3. Wow!  It's so awesome that you created and shared this.  I wish I could go buy it already made at a grocery store!  I can't wait to give this recipe a try, thanks so much for your generosity and innovation.  🙂

  4. This recipe is really awesome. But, i dont have a dehydrator. Can i make it in my normal Oven? If yes, what would be the temperature and timings.

    1. Stoked you dig it! 🙂
      Did you try it? If so how did it go?
      Gas oven’s can double as a dehydrator, the pilot light keeps it just warm enough. Otherwise you can set your oven at the lowest temperature for intervals with the door partily open..

    1. The fun is in trying! 🙂
      I do think it would work decently although grapes are pretty watery and payapa really gives some extra fibre n pliabity… Mango works well too, fresh or frozen.

    1. I hope you love them!! Before I answer your question, is there a specific reason you avoid tomatoes? I know a few people who have issues with them but they are very few and far between, others who avoid simply because they are nightshades even though they are symptom free. Myself I LOVE tomatoes, prolly my #1 food and they treat me really well. Apologies for this long reply, probably the best substitute would be more mango and some celery or boo chop stem to sub for the tomato, adding in savoury flavours. Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hi there, what a cool idea! i honestly dont love the taste of nori, but i do like how it holds stuff together. I would love to try out the recipe, but cant find the purslane, would it be ok to just leave it out? Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. My apologies for the slow reply, the tough thing is it all depends on the soil, if you supplement your soil with quality seaweed or iodine then your produce could have higher levels. Tomatoes can actually be decently high as can cranberries. One could get frozen cranberries from the store bu your not guaranteed they were grown in quality soil. You could also rinse the kelp in water to remove excess sea salt…

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Brilliant. And thank you for sticking by and standing up for your knowledge about Nori. Nori is NOT Vegan no matter how many people would love to believe it is so they can continue eating it . Stop fooling yourself if you want to live a non-harming &/or environmentally-ethical lifestyle and you are eating Nori and other seaweeds. Fact remains that for the most part, this is a monopolized corporate industry that harms living creatures and damages the oceans.

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