Tropical Fruit Taste Test, Best Freeze Dried and Fresh Tropical Fruit by Mail-order

Showcasing some amazing Freeze-dried tropical fruit by where you can mail order the best Fresh and Freeze-Dried Raw Tropical Local organic fruit to any of the continental United States as well as order these Freeze-dried packages that I taste Test in the Video Anywhere in the World!

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The amazing quality fruit the sources from local organic growers all over Florida is top notch. Florida is known as one of the biggest fruit growing places in the world, bringing varieties from the world around and growing with dedication and pride. Blessed by Rane Roatta setting up to gather and share all of these amazing fruit varieties most of us wouldn’t otherwise have access to!!

Be sure to check out for a full listing of the Fresh and Freeze-Dried Tropical fruit they have available for shipping direct to you!

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Plus enjoy that fun n healthy

Fruity Pebbles Recipe! 🙂
1-2 pack’s of tropical Freeze Dried fruit

2-4 bananas

Water to desired consistency

Open Freeze dried fruit and pour into a bowl. Peel and blend Bananas with enough water to create a thick banana milk. Pour over freeze-dried fruit and enjoy with a big spoon 🙂

Check out the Ackee video here 


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