How Much Fat is Too Much Fat? With Tim Van Orden

Enjoy a wild interview with Tim Van Orden From RunningRaw.com by Marylin Monraw from the Woodstock Fruit Festival! 

In this interview, they go into the hot topics

“Is the fat you eat the fat you wear”,

“How much fat is too much fat”,

“Should one keep their fat intake low every day”,

“Is there a best time to eat fat”,

“what types of fats are the best to eat and why”

and Much More!


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In the video, Marilyn tells Tim that she is concerned about her figure and wonders if eating two avocados some nights may be making her fat, Is the fat she eats the fat she wears and how much fat is too much fat?

Tim replies with a few funny comments (keeping it under 100%) and then goes in to say that keeping one’s fat content relatively low but having some flexibility to have some really low-fat nights and some relatively higher-fat nights works best for him. He has found specifically with athletic training and times of emotional stress that slightly higher levels of fat can help buffer the stress (physical and emotional) and actually help with cellular function and repair.

Tim Mentions that the timing of the fat you eat makes a difference as well stating that eating saturated fat before a workout will likely be used for energy but if eaten without any activity around it is more likely to be stored as fat tissue. He goes on to say that saturated fats develop a “stiffer” cellular structure whereas Omega 3 and 6 fat’s create a more flexible soft cellular membrane. Given this info, he recommends a good mix of fats, some higher in saturated fat, such as coconut, some with a good mix such as avocado/durian, and some with great omega 3 to 6 profiles such as chia, flax, and hemp.

In the end, Tim expresses that fat is best kept to the last meal of the day in any large quantity, that some nights he may eat the equivalent of 1/2 an avocado, others 1, and at some times 2. Tim feels having this flexibility to eat dependent upon bodily needs and desires, more acutely felt and understood with time on the lifestyle, is the wisest choice concerning fat intake.

You may ask what % of fat would 1/2 – 1 – 2 avocados fall under for someone with the activity level and frame of Tim? Roughly we would be looking at 6% – 15+ % fat by calorie per day, keeping it relatively low fat in general but allowing for some higher fat days.

I can attest that I also feel best having some flexibility with my fat intake often fluctuating from 6% up to 20% on high days. I would also note that I like to utilize other ways to handle emotional stress besides higher-fat meals, that said it can be an effective tool to sit in and feel at times. In this regard to learning to handle emotional stress that comes up as a part of a new lifestyle and detoxification you may want to watch my video “Emotional and Binge Eating, Finding Peace and Ease” as well as my video  “Top Tips for Emotional Eating with Prof. Rozalind Graham”

As you may know, I strongly promote and live a general 80/10/10 lifestyle and highly recommend everyone read the book “The 80/10/10 diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham. I would consider it the best book by far on the raw food diet and lifestyle. While some feel that 80/10/10 means we must keep our fat intake below 10% at all times at all costs, even creating a phobia around fat I know this is not the case. From Dr. Graham himself, 80/10/10 is about averages and allows flexibility in times of increased physical need as well as in times of increased availability during the fall season/durian season.

Is the Fat you eat the Fat you wear?

It can be depending on what types of fat you are eating and when. 

How Much Fat is Too Much Fat?

In general, keeping fat content below 10-15% while allowing for some flexibility in times of physical and emotional stress.

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