Frickin’ 811 day Fruitluck and NYC Fun!

Getting oh so close to the Woodstock Fruit festival videos and tons n tons of Awesome Interviews with Inspiring people, such as Dr Doug Graham, Freelee, Dan “Life Regenerator” Mcdonald, Anne Osborne, Karin Ranzi, and so many others…

But first Bringing you National 80/10/10 day Frickin Fruitluck Celebration.

Couldn’t resist, August 11th or 8/11 day had to pay homage to Dr. Douglas Graham for his amazing contribution to the world with “The 80/10/10 Diet” (without a doubt the best book on Human Nutrition and Optimal Lifestyle) and his amazing example and being.
Off to NYC for way too much fun to mention before the video,

do enjoy it!! 🙂

Well well well a amazing 80/10/10 Frickin Fruitluck for National 811 Day. Celebrating the profound awesomeness that is 811 rv, honouring Dr Douglas Graham for “the 80/10/10 diet” and all of his service and contribution to the world. I realize I am a broken record, but I do think Doug deserves this second props and mention! If you haven’t read “The 80/10/10 diet” I recommend you pick up a copy n reap the rewards! 🙂

Enjoying good times, sunshine, laughs, fresh whole ripe raw organic fruits in the sun!! Tried to get tough By head-butting a Watermelon to open it, well you will have to watch to see what happens ahaha. First national 811 day frickin fruitluck celebration went off super well! 🙂

Off to NYC on a jet plane!!!

If anyone knows much about NAFTA Sponsorship Trade Visa’s or NAFTA Trade Visa’s any help or information would be much appreciated. As is, I can only consult via the web with people in the states, Live-ins and in person consults on US soil is not allowed until I get a proper Visa. Bless the Internet and Help from others 🙂

After a rip on my skateboard through Downtown NYC I met up With the amazing Lisa Sobolewski (an amazing Raw Chef n blissful being) at Grand Central Station. We frolicked around town finding Durian, Melons and a tight little hostel in China Town. awwwwww SO so so sweet!

I was Later saved from the streets by the most generous Sean and his Mom Annie by lending me his room in Brooklyn. Thanks so much to you both for Taking me in and showing me around town! 🙂

Together we put up many posters for the NYC Frickin Fruitluck, Which Turned out to be a huge success, even with a Hurricane scheduled!!

Rushing with my skateboard through packed NYC streets, dodging cars and Cab’s I dart towards Central park to meet up with the ever inspiring, DurianRider of Australia. Harley Johnstone, aka DurianRider is a amazing ultra endurance athlete set on pushing his limits being a true lighthouse on the 80/10/10 lifestyle as well as a no nonsense, tell it as it is you-tuber. Armed with lots of experience on the raw vegan path Harley is continually setting Personal Best’s in running and cycling, all in world class form. Harley is truly a shining example of what we can achive when we align all of the factors of health. Co creator of the largest Raw food Networking site 30 Banana’s a Day (I am a proud Member) and his amazing youtube channel at DurianRiders, harley is spreading the truth and telling it like it is like no other.

After having talked on and off on the internet for over 6 years it was such a blessing to get to spend time in the park, cruising the streets and enjoying some melon with Harley. Instant friends, I even showed Harley a thing or two. Sharing the amazingly delicious and satiating Santa Clause Melon I revamped DurianRiders faith in melons being a adequate calorie source. Used to eating bananas and dates to get his calorie fill he didn’t think that a Melon could fill him in the same way. Proving Durianrider wrong We enjoyed melons in Central Park till we had to take breaks to Finish our melons! Watch out those santa clause melons are so sweet and satiating, one of my favorites of all time!!!!

Ain’t no Party like a melon Party!!

Suck one up today!!!

Bonus Recipe!!!!!!


1 Part Santa Clause Melon

1 Part Honeydew

Blend blend blend and serve immediately, repeat until full!! The sweetest best treat ever!!!

Off to Meet Miss Organic, aka Nicci Gaffen of Australia’s finest Organic Distribution out of Melbourne, (Check her sweetness at MissOrganic.com.au ) for a most amazing raw gourmet dinner at Pure Food and Wine. Us both being lions, er um leos, separated by one day (her true birthday being that day on the 16th and mine being the next on the 17th), we foot stomped and fist pumped as we celebrated a Duo B-day Bash there that evening. Spoiled to the 10th degree, we really lived it up!!

Thanks so much To Nicci’s sister Angela n her Boyfriend for the awesome dinner!!

By far the best quality raw gourmet I have ever had! 🙂

Waking the next day for my Bday I met up with Ashley Hamilton (a amazing raw rock climber check her blog at BadAshClimber.blogspot.com) and her boyfriend Tim,  for more melons and heirloom tomatoes! I love Heirloom tomatoes as well as Early girl tomatoes ahhhh. On the bday Rush I ran to meet my sweet friend Kayla, whom I met at The Farm of Life to chill and enjoy some melon together on broadway. Meeting Miss O out front of the broadway musical “Hair” (which she most generously treated me to) we enjoyed a most awesome show. Singing dancing n some nudity, oh my, proved to be quite fun! Thanks Miss O 🙂

To wrap up my Bday in NYC I met up with Lisa, Kayla, Johan, Bart, Nicci, Annie, and Ashley in Christopher park for a most amazing Pre Woodstock Bday Frickin Fruitluck Bash!! It was so so so sweet, with all the Melon, banana, and Durian you could eat, we all got sweetly stuffed while enjoying a perfect sunset.

Thanks to everyone for making my Bday such a perfect one.

much much love

n always much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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