Raw Vegan in Disney World!

Well I made it into the states!!

I am stoked to bring you this video of me and my family in Raw Vegan in Disney World!

P.s If you havent checked out my Raw Vegan Interview or Simple Raw Recipe / Skate Video on Peta2 the youth mission of Peta check the next blog post or simply Click Here!!!

With 12 of us total we had such a amazing time in Disney world. A family tradition (having went once about 15 years ago) we plan to go back in another 10 or so years so the kids can see it from another perspective.

Love it, thanks Mom and Dad love n miss you all!!

Beyond the usual day in the life type blog this fun video will show you tips, tricks, and fun facts concerning traveling as a raw food vegan. Having traveled raw extensively I have been forced to learn how to get my fill while on a budget as well as on the go! While Staying Raw While traveling can be tricky at times, having some backups like raisins, dates and or other dried fruit can for sure help as well as knowing that celery is a hearty long lasting veggie you can travel with. Being flexible and simply buying up whatever is at a decent price and ripe helps tons too. I go more into this as well as getting creative with a few simple ingredients in the video as well as giving tips for being raw and enjoying eating at restaurants.

One amazing tip I didnt really say in the blog is that Banana’s are one of the few fruits you can travel with internationally.

I belive this is becasue they are most often seedless so not a danger for agriculture.

I really hope you enjoy this video tons!!

Wishing you much

p.s next up, Raw vegan on a cruise ship!!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. Hi Chris,

    Love all your videos!

    I know I can bring bananas (any tropical fruit, actually) from the US into Canada, But can you also bring them from Canada into the US?

    Thanks for all you’re doing 🙂

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