Fruitarian on Mainstream TV Show Castle

Thursday Night my Parents yelled to me, “Hey Check this out”

They were watching the Season 6 Premier of the Hit ABC TV Show “Castle” and laughed at a Scene in which Castles Daughter’s Boyfriend Pi was Shown as a Fruitarian. As my Folks are hip to my Lifestyle they wanted me to see this scene and the Raw food Diet in the Mainstream.

Before I go into it in text I go Much more in the video, I hope you love it!

So.. Its not too often the Fruitarian’s or Raw Foodists or Raw Food Vegans, Or…. 80/10/10 ers are portrayed in the Mainstream Media.

When I saw that the Hit ABC TV Show Castle had a Raw Vegan, Fruitarian, I prefer Fruigivore, in the Show I was really interested.


My Parents Love the TV show Castle and because of this I was tipped off to the Season 6 Premier where Castles Daughter’s Boyfriend, Pi, a Fruitarian, Meets Castle. In the main scene with Pi Castle comes home, As Pi and his daughter are staying with him, and finds Pi in a bit of a mess in the kitchen preparing Dinner.

Pi asks Castle if he Wants a “Big Juicy Steak” to which, after seeing that the “Steak” is made from Fruits says, No.

The scene goes on to share Castle being uncomfortable with Pi in general while Pi is happy and blissful in sharing his Lifestyle wanting to connect and bring ease to Castles Hardship.
I find it uncommon to have a Fruitarian or Raw foodist or a Vegan portrayed in the Mainstream media with any Positivity, this is one of the first Hit TV shows where I have seen a Raw foodist or Fruitarian in a positive light. For sure based on perspective he could be seen as a silly hippy, as Donna Kauffman, wrote for a Special on USA Today’s Web site.

Donna Kauffman of USA Today wrote

“The case moves on, but Castle knows in order for Beckett to keep her job, his only option is to head back to NYC and leave said job to her. So, we’re back in NYC, and he’s back home with Pi. Yes, Alexis’ shaggy-haired, granola boyfriend is named Pi. He’s in the kitchen making dinner as Castle arrives home and wants to know if Castle is interested in maybe joining them for a big juicy steak. If by steak, you mean, papaya steak — because he’s a “fruitarian” (“Of course you are,” deadpans Castle) then … uh … yeah. No. And perhaps being in federal detention wasn’t so bad after all …
One of the main draws of this show is the mash-up of humour and crime drama, and this episode offers the two in pitch-perfect harmony.
Pi opines that he thinks perhaps Big Papa’s trip to D.C. didn’t go so well and maybe he wants to hug it out and talk (or, you know, vibes to that effect) and Castle thinks that’s a pretty good idea. So, he heads to the station to talk to actual adults who don’t live off of bananas and something green and disgusting blended into a smoothie.”

hahha I’ll admit I love this,

Such a funny write up, Seeing a Fruitarian as a Child Donna Kauffman of USA Today seems to feel that a “actual adult” prefers to live off of food that is of detriment to ones overall health.

I understand this point of view, can even say 15 years ago would have shared it, but from what I’ve learnt, experienced and seen I feel so rooted and grounded in eating a 100% raw food diet.

All love, all to perspective which is really my desire to share this post.

I find it awesome that Fruitarians, Raw Foodists and Raw Vegans are being portrayed in the Mainstream more and more. Its a real sign that raw foodists and people on the Raw food Diet are making a mark, are coming into the mainstream consciousness. This is really great as the more people are exposed to this as a viable Option, as a lifestyle choice, especially in a positive light, as I feel Castle’s “Pi” did, the more people who will give it a try, opening minds and hearts to s simpler way of living.

I feel we are nearing the crest of the wave that will wash over the mainstream, that will open many hearts and minds to the realities around a raw vegan diet, not only for the positive benefits to self, but also to the benefits to community, animals and the world at large. So many people do not know the atrocities of the animal industry, don’t know that food is one of the main factors in over all health and disease prevention. Slowly people are really waking up to the knowledge that we have control of our health, that its a choice to be well or sick in the vast majority of cases.

This simple episode of Castle shows that people are waking up, that is int the mainstream consciousness.. Fringe today “Normal” tomorrow..

I feel that this Castle Episode on ABC was primed up from the New Movie on Steve Jobs, “Jobs” where Ashton Kutcher portrays “Steve Jobs”. In the Movie Ashton shares that he “Steve Jobs” is a Fruitarian (or was at a certain time), or rather his Friends do. It is awesome to see more Raw foodists and Fruitarians in the Mainstream Media.

Personally I dont find the term “Fruitarian” fully accurate as most people who say they are “fruitarian” also eat a lot of Greens as well as Fruit Veggies as described in the “80/10/10 diet” by Dr Douglas Graham, a Must Read.

I hope you enjoyed this post, Let me know what you think.

PS as a 100% raw food vegan, RHN, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I have personally and scientifically (through tests) found a Raw Food diet to be the most sound and uplifting dietary choice one could make. That is if the highest levels of health (as shown by my blood tests and experience) as well as general vitality, sense of well being and energy levels show. All to choice, I love the sweet side of life!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. i liked this show the first time i saw it ive watched many police show but the show is by far the best but i do wish it would come on at night so i can watch it more before i go to school this show is my newist favorite ive always been intrested in cops and romance likle law and order special victims unit at the begining of every show it has this little speach i klnow every word 🙂

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