Vaccine Dangers, Raw Food Saved Jesse Bogdanovich

I feel so blessed to share my friend Jesse Bogdanovich’s story, a story sharing Vaccine Dangers and how Raw Food Saved Jesse’s Life!
Jesse is a true light house and has the biggest heart ever, its crazy to think he was almost killed as a infant by taking a vaccine, then years later almost took his own life from the anguish..
These days he inspires people around the world to live a healthier happier and more conscious life!

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An allergic reaction to a vaccine turned me from a healthy baby into a very sick one. This led to 20 years of disability and ill health, until I discovered the raw vegan diet as a young adult.

I was born perfectly healthy but an allergic reaction to a live polio vaccine at the age of 10 months almost killed me and left me with convulsions, seizures and paralysis. At that time doctors did not have to report such reactions, so they treated my condition as symptoms of flu and fever and dosed me up with antibiotics.

They also advised my mother not to nurse me any longer (thankfully she refused to listen to them) and recommended all sorts of wrong foods. My parents tell me that before I got the polio shot I was walking almost perfectly. But after it, it was a long time before I could walk again.

I remember as a small child having no strength in my legs or arms, and feeling very tired and needing lots of sleep. Doctors put me in braces and did all sorts of other things that didn’t do me any good. They also recommended ligament surgery to loosen up the tightness in my limbs but fortunately my parents refused to do that.

I was so uninterested in food that I was very underweight; the doctors’ solution was to force me to eat dairy, fats and junky, processed foods. Needless to say, this only made things worse and led, among other things, to juvenile diabetes and digestive problems.

It boggles my mind to think how hard my parents tried to feed me naturally and how opposed the doctors were to anything that deviated from the Standard American Diet. Not surprisingly, as time went by my health deteriorated further. My parents took me to doctors of all kinds – from one opinion to the next, and from America to Europe. We went half way around the world looking for a cure, not realizing the cure was in the proper nutrition found in our own garden and in the wild.

One day, when I was 12, my mom took me to a specialist who was supposed to be a world expert. He made me take off my clothes and had me try to stand up and walk across the floor, which was very cold. He then picked up a tape recorder and proceeded to talk into it about me. He painted such a grim picture, saying that I would never be able to walk, that my condition would only get worse and that I would die from the hormonal changes of puberty. I was crying and my mom almost passed out. Then she whispered to me, “Do not believe a word he is saying. Let’s go to the pet shop”.

The doctor was so engrossed in what he was doing that we snuck out and left. Sobbing, I told my mom I would prove the doctor wrong. On another occasion, my dad took me for a check-up for an ingrown toenail that was infected. My legs were turning purple and pus was coming out. The specialist wanted to operate and cut my toe off immediately. When my dad asked him to “let us think it over”, the doctor got mad and told us that I would lose my toes and my foot. Again we left, and I remember feeling devastated and really starting to think more about the why of things.

I had refused wheelchairs from the beginning. My dad carried me all over the place. When I was sitting down, I would sit so no one could see that I couldn’t walk properly. I avoided walking as much as possible, since it was always difficult what with swaying back and forth and sideways. But I couldn’t avoid it at school, and it was very difficult to be around other kids because they made fun of me and wanted to fight and push me around. Those were dark days and I remember the pain of it being so great I wanted to die.

One day I broke down and told my parents I would rather do anything than go to school again. My parents heard my heart and from then on they home-schooled me. It was much easier on me and I got to see the world as I studied and traveled all over with my parents.

This approach caused me to want to learn, and I was allowed all the time I needed to explore the subjects that interested me. I did not have to study the unnecessary things that most kids have to learn in order to graduate, and one big advantage to home schooling was that my studies would be done in a few hours rather than a whole day at school.

This education made me think and look at things in a more real and logical way and gave me an advantage over other kids my age. One day I told my parents that if someone dropped me off at the other side of the world I would know how to function and would make good of it. Even though I had health issues that other kids did not have, I felt very fortunate.

There came a time when we did not go to mainstream doctors anymore. My Mom became a naturopathic doctor so she could learn what she needed to know to help me. By then we had discovered that doctors do not learn anything about nutrition during their studies, which is why they insist that nutrition has nothing to do with healing.

The first breakthrough in my health happened after my dad became interested in Paul and Patricia Bragg’s fasting techniques. My parents took me to see Patricia and I fasted many times for 1 to 3 days, then 7 to 10 days. and then I worked my way up to a few epic 14-day water fasts and then finished with a couple  21 day water fasts that were life changing on all levels! Each time I water fasted I experienced great improvements in my health and my symptoms where disappearing, but as soon as I started eating cooked food again, the problems would return.

We tried so many different diets, and most of them had certain things in common: they focused on whole foods and excluded sweets, white flour, fried foods and other junk. This is why they worked partially, yet none of these diets worked completely like the raw food diet did.

When I first read a book about the raw diet, the information resonated so deeply within me I couldn’t put it down. I completely woke up to this truth; it was like someone had turned on the lights. I was ready to go in this new direction wholeheartedly and I embraced it knowing that this would stop my suffering once and for all.

I changed to a 100% raw vegan lifestyle overnight. I was 21 at the time. What convinced me the most about raw food was that humans and their pets are the only creatures that get sick with degenerative diseases. They are also the only ones who eat cooked food.

I went to see and studied with many raw food experts – something I am still doing to this day. I learned about the importance of rest, little or no stress, sunshine and exercise, and that a program that combines these essential elements with raw foods and periodic fasting enables the body to perform miracles.

When we start doing what’s right to our body it starts healing immediately. It’s amazing, really, how simple it all is. After six months on a 100% raw food diet my condition started to change for the better and kept improving all the time. First I could walk without pain. Then for the first time, I could run. I gained 40 pounds over the next few years. This is what happens when the body is freed of mucus and able to absorb the essential nutrients on an enzyme-rich raw vegan diet. With patience and perseverance, coupled with forgiveness for the doctors and my parents, I was able to overcome what had seemed to be insurmountable problems.

Raw, organic food is a very important part of healing yet without emotional healing, finding peace in your heart and forgiving everyone, you will not heal completely. But the 100% raw vegan diet not only got me better physically, mentally and emotionally; I also woke up spiritually. I have a deep spiritual connection now with nature and with every person I meet on my path. I have to tell everyone starting on this path to get ready for a healing crisis and not to give up.

Today I am totally healthy, extremely happy and I can walk, run and climb just like anyone else. The only thing that is noticeable is that my right leg at the knee turns inward when I walk slowly. People do ask me at times if I’ve broken my leg or hurt my foot. I am working on that and soon it will be perfect, I know it will. The raw vegan lifestyle delivers on all levels and every year it just keeps getting better and better. I have been on this path for over 16 years now.

What this lifestyle has done for me is… actually, there are no words in the dictionary that can describe it. But if I had to pick some words I would choose “beyond fabulous”! To stay on this path and feel like I do, one must eat very simply and get away from raw gourmet foods that cause health problems, cravings and all sorts of disorders.

It is very important to stay away from all the packaged and heated raw foods which cause you to crave wrong things. Eat plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables – lots of leafy greens – and don’t forget to throw in some wild foods such as berries and edible weeds. Add soaked raw seeds and nuts in tiny quantities and make sure they are organic and truly raw. Find local growers and make sure they are really raw for yourself. Unfortunately, most nuts and seeds you find in a local store are not raw and have been cooked. It’s best to eat ripe avocados until you find truly raw nuts and seeds.

This way of eating can bring peace to your mind just as it brings peace to your tummy. It also brings clear thinking and love in your heart and soul.

It has definitely been a process of learning the hard way, but I wouldn’t change anything. Now that I am well and strong, my calling is to help spread this health message, which needs to be heard all over the world, starting in kindergarten.

People sometimes ask me if I would ever go back to eating cooked food and I tell them that I would never do that. Why would I? Many people do not stick with raw foods and fasting long enough to reap the rewards, but my story is an example of what is possible. Through proper nutrition and fasting my body healed itself, and I believe these practices will do that for anyone willing to do the same.

Jesse is the founder of The Whole Lifestyle (www.thewholelifestyle.com),  through which he supports individuals on their raw vegan diet, health, exercise, passion, happiness, peace, emotional aspects and home environment. Jesse is also a co-founder of The Cure Is In The Cause Foundation.

He has over 16 years experience as a healthy, happy 100% raw vegan since 1998, and many years in supporting people in health, wellness and overall lifestyle design in a positive manner. He offers support by phone and over the internet. He and his family also run a retreats in Croatia every summer, excited to offer the first ever Raw Cruise in Croatia for 2016!

Grab Jesse’s award winning Raw Recipe ebook here

Jesse’s studies:

1988 started water fasting and learning from Patricia Bragg. Also, started learning about juicing from the Brags, Jack Lalanne and Linda and Jay Kordich.
1997 “Dr. Schulze’s Natural Healing Crusade workshop” with Dr. Richard Schulze
1998 David Wolfe’s lectures all around CA
1999-2007 All lands and sorts of raw food gatherings, events, festivals and lectures from most of the biggest names in the raw food movement.
2000-2001 David Wolfe’s “Eden Hot Springs” 2 times and other events all over the USA and Hawaii
2001-2003 Iridology classes
2002-2010 Dr. Douglas Graham’s “Health and Fitness Week” 5 times and twice to Costa Rica and other events and meetings.

Last but certainly not least,

I am SO Stoked to be a part of the first ever Raw Vegan Cruise next year!! Raw Vegan Cruise in CroatiaWe are giving away one FREE ticket, learn more and sign up for the Raw Vegan Cruise 
This Cruise will take place at the end of June / early July around the Croatian Islands, I am the Head Chef and will be sharing some amazing recipes as well as lectures and possibly Yoga. My friend Jesse Bogdanovitch and his gf Reny is putting it all together and will be the main speaker!

I really hope you join us, it is sure to be a Blast!!

Hope you enjoy the recipe and am excited to enjoy the cruise with you!!

ps – Vaccines and vaccine dangers a huge issue, one I understand can come with much controversy, heated arguments and disagreement. After doing research on both sides I feel its not a black and white issue and there is real danger with questionable effectiveness.

Below are some links and books to hear from experts speaking out on vaccines.
– Fear of the Invisible – This book takes its readers on a journey into the very heart of the hunt for viruses – to the key experiments originally performed to prove that these invisibly small particles are the cause of diseases previously blamed on toxins or bacteria and into the latest research. It sheds light on the extraordinary assumptions that underlay much of this research – and on the vaccines that developed from this.

– Vaccines are often stated to have eliminated smallpox yet only 2% of the worlds population was vaccinated for small pox. The information presented here suggested that the die off was naturally occurring due to better hygiene. Check out the graphs in this article.

More on Polio here I hope people read these articles. The most important thing to realize is people tend to use emotions rather than fact when they say ’I know vaccines work’ how do you know? By reading mainstream media that is funded by pharma? You can’t just believe something works you’ve got to know many different aspects before you really know and vaccines have so many different concerning angles to them.

– David Wolfe has put together a great resource and blog post all about the dangers and truths around vaccines, check it out here!
– Here is a report suggesting the polio has come back due to recent vaccines

Think Vaccine Injury is Rare? 

Thanks to my Friend Anna Rogers for many of these great links, to empowering ourselves with all sides of the story before making a decision.

As Always

Wishing You Much

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