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Kendall Bites, Cashew apples at the Farm of Life!

Enjoying and Exploring the Cashew Apple!!!

A beautiful Fruit But what about the Nut?

Are Cashews really Raw, can you really get a Raw Cashew nut?

Learn more about Cashew Nuts and the Wondrous Cashew Fruit in the Video Below

Enjoying the fruit from a wonderful Cashew Apple Tree at the Farm of Life on my last day at Finca de Vida!

I love love love Cashew fruit, a very strong and unique taste. Some people prefer to juice it as the flesh can be slightly astringent just as some persimmon varieties are. I find, not unlike with persimmons, if you allow the fruit to get very ripe the astringency goes away. Sometimes people are put off by very ripe fruit, often because of the fat content of their diet which intern effects their insulin function and ability to uptake sweet ripe fruit. If you or someone you know likes green banana’s, hahah look to the fat content of the diet, preference and enjoyment is vastly effected by our physiology, something we create!

Back to the Cashew apple, Most people don’t know that the Cashew Nut actually sits on top of the cashew apple. That in many places people simply eat the fruit and toss the cases nut aside. The nut is contained in a hard shell that is filled with a very caustic oil, a oil that is very hard to wash off and so caustic, or acid, that it will burn your flesh creating large blisters and sores. The cashew Nut is traditionally roasted or fired to help dissipate this caustic oil making it easier to shell and clean. Special tools are used to harvest the Cashew nut after having fired or roasted them. If you attempt to harvest the nut raw and damage the nut in any way it is ruined because the oil penetrates its flesh. A truly vital and raw nut can be sprouted, i have yet to see any “raw cashews” “truly raw cashews” sprout after soaking and rinsing for days.

I challenge anyone to buy the “truly raw cashews” or try a few different kinds of cashews and try to sprout them. Soak 4 – 8 hours and place in a sprouting tray or bag, rinse 2 times a day and see if you can make it happen. I have not and have tried more than a few times. I also have never heard of anyone successfully sprouting a cashew from anything except the Whole raw fruit/seed itself. I personally do not belive you can buy truly raw cashews without some sort of heat processing. Cashews to me are the Crack of the Nut family, every time I eat them I want to eat more than I need and I feel gross immediately after and even the next day. Being high in carbohydrates and fat, for a nut, makes the cashew Nut very hard to digest, often causing gas and digestive issues.

A little bit here and there for “special occasions”, fancy recipes or otherwise not at all if you find yourself binging on them would be my recommendation. I uses them on a rare occasion in a few select recipes but do not consider them a optimal food choice.

Love the Cashew Fruit, Love the Cashew Nut but it doesn’t seem to love me back as much as the fruit!!!

Love you Farm of Life, Brian Jody and the whole Farm of Life family!!!

Hope you really enjoyed this post and video

much more to come


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Wishing You Much

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