Bone Growth and Natural Healing with Raw Food

Excited to share a powerful story of Bone Growth and Natural Healing with Raw Food, just one of many I have experienced first hand!

As you may or may not know around 2007 I fractured my back (yowser!) during a skateboarding tour, I must say that was beyond painful. I didn’t know that I had fractured my back for quite a while, instead of going to a Dr I chose to simply give it time, lots of sleep, and raw foods to heal. After over 2 months on the couch, stooped over with a cane and limping around I was able to slowly try to start skateboarding again but sadly with lots of pain and fear of worse pain. About a year later while on a family road trip to Victoria BC, I got to see a well-reputed chiropractor, he tested me and then decided to get some X-rays done, after which he let me know that I had a compression fracture in my 4th vertebra and that I was out due to this which was causing sciatica pain. After 1 treatment with him, my pain was reduced drastically and my movement improved a ton, that is for 2 days after which it came back and I didn’t find another good chiro for years!

Yoga helped a lot, but I consistently felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride with it, sometimes ok, but most of the time quite painful and limited. I always felt like I was stuck in injury and healing time – I couldn’t skate as much as I wanted, and when I did it would flare up and be really screwed up, that is until I found Dr. Dorian Swystun of Freedom Chiropractic In 2012!

All in all, I have seen nearly 30 chiropractors, most I wouldn’t ever go to again, especially the generic twist-and-pop style chiropractors. Instead Dr. Swystun utilises muscle testing and the activator approach where he hones right into the muscular and structural causes releasing them with his expert precision. He has a private practice in Saskatoon and I can’t recommend him highly enough!

The first few months he worked on me 1-3 times a week, but over time it turned into 1-4 times a month, then only if I felt out and needed it, the results have been incredible! After breaking my wrist in Hawaii in the spring of 2013, which really shocked my system, he wanted to do some X-rays as well as order the previous X-rays I had done in Victoria about 3 years prior. 

After reviewing the two X-rays side by side he was shocked to share that the bone has actually REGENERATED!!  

Something he said he had never seen in his career or ever heard about!

Since this experience, I have had some other accidents, such as a near-death motorcycle accident (Watch the What I Eat in a Day in the Hospital Video Here), that he has helped me out with, a decade later I don’t need to see the chiro unless something strange happens, and have found even more relief by introducing weight training, specifically squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and more. Dr. Swystun has repeatedly said to keep doing what I am doing as I heal incredibly well, far beyond normal expectations.

It really is amazing what the body can do and heal from when you provide what it needs without overwhelming our digestion or detoxification channels providing tons of extra energy and the ideal medium for healing!

I hope you found this video and post about Bone Growth and Natural Healing with Raw Food informative and inspiring. If you wish to up your game with a holistic raw food diet for deeper healing, increased athletic performance and recovery as well as a deeper connection to self, nature and spirit hit me up with a 1on1 consultation! I offer them by Donation as well as in 1 and 3-month packages as well as my Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System Online Course, Learn more about it Here!

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