TRA Hawaiian Adventures #4, An unexpected Break…

BlessingsSo I’m still in Hawaii, still rockin’ the farmers markets, soaking up the sun, gettin’ my skate on….all is mellow when



Awww man, I mess up my wrist – big time!

I started out at the med center, they were pretty sure I had fractured it so I headed to the hospital to have it looked at some more…. Yep indeed it is fractured!  Major bummer because soon mega serious pain sets it.

Ahh but I didn’t let that stop me from catching some more rays at the beach, getting a little bit of sun on the wrist.

Eventually I talked to a surgeon who suggested I head back home and have surgery on my wrist.  I just wasn’t feeling it and after thinking it over and consulting some trusted friends I decided to stay in Hawaii.  The warm, humid climate and abundant fresh fruit for my diet seems so so much better for me than the freezing, snowy land of Saskatechwan right now.

So I’m all casted up and we’ll see how it goes!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Oh no take care. I broke my toe last time. Next trip, think about staying at Pakalana Sanctuary. We have a small garden but at least the kitchen is outfited for raw vegan.

    Aloha! and take care!

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