My Baby Banana Story – Fruity Tips n Tricks!

In this short video I share a simple but powerful fruity life lesson that I have had to learn more than a few times in the hopes that it helps you before you experience the same thing?

Have you ever had a fruit or vegetable you loved turn into a food you just cant stand anymore?

This has happened to me a number of times, most notably with these baby bananas but also with spinach, coconut and egg-fruit. I have found when you force a whole food past enjoyment to the point where it actually grosses you out, but then eat more, that it can leave you really disliking that food for months, years and even decades. There could be a wild range of reasons for this but to me the most important lesson is to let go of forcing and instead eat with complete abundance with a focus on enjoyment. When we choose to focus on the whole foods that we love the most, finding that balance eating right between all you enjoy and all you can, our health and relationship with food benefits greatly. As a bonus this helps to slowly increase your digestive flame as well as digestive capacity while preventing the situation described in the video.

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