This weeks video features some extreme examples of raw vegan power!!!

Hold on to your hats!

First up we got some stew, yep I love stew!! After that we got some skateboarding extravaganza! A game of skate with Steve Berra, myself Chris Kendall, Matt R, and Claton! We all skated pretty poorly, but thats how it goes some times.

A sweet hike in off of muhuland drive, along with some cantaloupe fun, swinging and balancing!

Kundalini yoga is one of my favorite practices, peep a look into a quick session 🙂

Watch out for extreme Arm Wrestling! So much more fun in the video than written here, sorry this is my worst written post, been really busy 🙂 ahha

Hope you enjoy it much!!!

More to come n better quality posts too 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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