How to Be Perfect

How to Be Perfect…

This is a subject dear to my heart, one that I have wanted to do a video on for a long time as I have found a ton of peace, ease, and increased connection around with the perspective shift I wish to share.

How do you feel in relation to this title, “How to be Perfect”, does it make you angry, or sad?

Do you have a strong rejection of this line of thought or the phrase How to Be Perfect?

How do you feel in relation to the phrase “nobody’s perfect”?

I really hope you enjoy the video and that the perspective I share is helpful, the use of any perspective is found through trying it on…
What do you have to lose, you just may find out how to be Perfect 🙂

Rough Transcript Below 🙂

I’m here today to talk to you about the subject of perfection, the all too common phrase, “well, nobody’s perfect”. I have heard this so often, usually as an excuse of some sort, “right don’t worry about it nobody’s perfect we’re just human”, or “don’t even try to shoot for perfection if you’re just gonna set yourself up for failure”.

Do you know if this is true? Does this uplift you?

This is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a really long time, to share the perspectives, tips, and thoughts that I have around it. I invite you to take this journey with me, to take it all in and to try this perspective on. I know this slight shift has led me to massive shifts and think it can be for you too.

Whenever somebody says “nobody’s perfect” to me I’ve always felt a contraction, that it’s an energetic letting go akin to “oh let’s just sit into mediocrity”. A phrase that says, no need to try and strive for your highest potential because nobody’s perfect anyway, and just look around you the world’s chaos and crazy and we’re damaged broken incomplete you know small human beings. To me, it’s a contracting, judging, and limiting way of seeing things. If this gives you a knee-jerk reaction, perhaps it isn’t for you, and if so that’s ok.

I’m just here to share my perspective, another perspective, something to try on something that may lift you up may make life a little bit easier, happier and just simply make more sense to you.

What I’ve come to and I just feel blessed to share in the hopes that it really helps you. I don’t believe that “nobody’s perfect”, I believe in going within and feeling what we feel in relation to phrases and belief systems, saying “does this lift me up”,  “does this bring me into more connection, more compassion, more love, more abundance “or “does this bring me to contraction, into judgment, to fear, into lack”,  and from there making my choice. If it doesn’t feel good to me then either I need to learn more, or it simply doesn’t suit me, and it’s time to try on something else.

So what do I believe…

I honestly believe that we are all perfect, I believe we are all one hundred percent perfect as is right now in this perfect present moment. This is the only moment we have, the gift, we always have this moment to come back to, right now into the present. The opportunity to take a calm breath and to sink into ourselves, into this perfect state of being, right now. This way of seeing, believing, an inner knowing that everything is as it is perfect as is right now for our greatest understanding, for our highest realization, or our highest choice right now…

How to be perfect, you already are…

How to Be Perfect

What do I mean by that? What am I trying to give voice to?

I believe that we are experiential beings, that we are here to see, to be, to perceive everything that is. That we, on a soul level, came here to experience everything, the up, down, the compassion, the hatred, the judgment, the lack, the abundance, to experience everything. All of this so we can come to know ourselves, “oneself” better, and eventually come to choose our highest choice, to choose our highest vibration. I really do believe that it is only through experiencing all of these things that we really can consciously choose because without the contrast what do we have to relate to?

We are here the land of the two poles, experiencing everything so we can come to that highest choice.

This does not mean that if you just choose to see perfection in all, everything is instantly hunky-dory and that everything’s easy. Maybe to a degree, as acceptance breaks down resistance to what is which is the main cause of suffering according to the Buddha. When you know it, that is, you’re not just believing it, but you absolutely unequivocally know it, what it means is that we can grow through and with these challenging experiences and see them as opportunities rather than obstacles.

We might have those times when we want to stomp our feet, where we want to freak right out or are pissed off if we don’t agree with what’s happening and what we’re seeing in the world, but again this is a powerful place that allows us to come back into that state of being and perceiving that this is all perfect for a greater understanding. It’s all perfect, how does that feel to you honestly, just take a moment to take a deep breath and come to try on this belief about perfection, that it’s a dance rather than an end static goal.

What would that change for you if you really one hundred percent truly believed that everything is perfect, that you are perfect right now as you are, and that you are in the perfect place to see and to be everything you were meant to be? We all have that opportunity to choose rather than to react, most of us are stuck in reacting, stuff happens, we see things and we freak out. This leads us to feel more pissed off, and angrier and we may have harsh judgments on top of that because that’s not right, that’s wrong, and what they’re doing is wrong.

What if instead all that is, is perfection… 

That doesn’t mean you don’t do anything about it, that doesn’t mean you just like “oh well it’s perfect, who cares”. When we see a child, stumble, fall, and then need help getting back up, do we think, what a failure, that baby isn’t perfect, no, we help them and give them opportunities to grow. Again this is all perfect so that you can make a conscious choice from a place of peace and ease to decide what you want to see, and what you want to create in the world. It’s all a dance to me, that is, we are all taking part in a cosmic dance of perfection, it is a dance rather than an endpoint. We’re not aiming to just get to this perfect place and stop, everything along the dance is perfect, the left and the right, to the sidestep, the fall off the wagon, whatever it is perfect if you allow it to be and embrace the opportunity for conscious choice and growth.

But that’s just what I think and my simple shift on how to be perfect, hint, you already are. 

Try it on if you wish and let me know what you think in the comments below

and check out this video I did with Happy Raw Reny on Overcoming Perfectionism as a raw vegan!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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