Releasing New Born Baby Turtles into the Sea!

I have been having such a truly amazing time in Mexico!  Relaxing, hanging out at the beach and just doing some really awesome stuff with really awesome people!!

Check out this video – While in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Miss Naturally Ashley and I got a chance to Release Freshly Hatched Baby Turtles into the Sea!! It was really amazing to be able to hold them and watch them enter their home for the first time ever, a blessing to share with you all!
Check out Ashley at n all over facebook n instagram by the same 🙂

Plus, stay tuned, My Raw Food and Yoga Retreat is going on now!!  Soon I’ll have lots of pics and videos to share with you and if you weren’t able to join us for this retreat I’ll have details on my next retreat COMING VERY VERY SOON!!


As Always

Wishing You Much

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