Farm of Life Farewell Raw BBQ Un-BBQ 2011

It’s the last of the 2011 Farm of Life Videos!! I cant believe it!! 🙂

I had such a amazing time there this year,

I am sure you will see n feel just that in this Farewell Farm of life, birthday parties, mangosteen madness, “hairy balls” Un-BBQ Bash Video!! 🙂

Enjoy it!

Showcasing a few amazing recipes from my Upcoming “Cravings Busters Transitional Raw Recipes” now set to release in the New Year, A amazing raw Chili being one of 3 Chili Recipes that will be shown in the new book. Some of my Favorite Raw Pizza’s showing two “crusts” and a not shown third simple no fat crust! Amazing “Caramelized” Onion Chili Burgers, by far the best raw burger I have ever made or eaten, all with almost no fat including a no fat option! This video also displays the amazing Chef skills Of the wonderful Lisa Sobolewski  as well as My Beautiful singing with Lisa S as well as Lisa Palmer Dean of “Palmer Chiropractic TV” and The Palmer Wellness Center! Pam Just filmed and scowled at our singing ahahha Just kidding thanks Pam! 🙂 Watch out for a Upcoming interview of me On Lisa Palmer Deans Web TV, as well as my Interview of her on The Raw Advantage! 🙂

We had a few b-day Bashes and going away Parties in my final week at the Farm of life, Blessings and love to Ron and his wife, Jackie, Jose, Pam Queenie and all the awesome Guests I got to know n enjoy time with in those final days.

Thousand thanks and much love to Brian n Josephine Calvi the owners, facilitators and Hosts at the Wonderful Farm of Life!!! I am so excited to come back for 2012, flowing with The Raw Advantage Skateboard, Surf, Yoga Raw food retreat!!!

IN Taylor Snipes Words (my Ombre, Team Raw Advantage Shipper and epic Surfing Instructor)

“Want to learn how to succeed on a raw foods lifestyle? Want to share in the company of like-minded friends on the amazing Farm of Life, Costa Rica? Want to learn how to surf (taught by me! Taylor Snipes 🙂 in world-class waves, skateboard, take unlimited yoga classes, raw food prep classes, and other lifestyle and educational classes (as needed)? Want to chow down on incredible tropical fruits–mango, pineapple, banana, ROLLINIA, etc.–as well as eat amazing low-fat raw gourmet meals prepared by Chris Kendall? Wanna hike to pristine waterfalls and drink nectary coconuts all day long? Wanna wanna? Don’t miss this year’s TheRawAdvantage.com Costa Rica retreat!! It’s gonna be awesome! :D”


“Not to mention, it’s AFFORDABLE. Around $1200 for the week, including transportation to/fro the airport. All you can eat deliciousness, surfboard rentals, unlimited yoga, classes, fresh pristine spring pools, sun-gazing, one-on-one lifestyle coaching by Chris Kendall or myself as needed…TheRawAdvantage.com Costa Rica Retreat will be focused on helping YOU enjoy and grow as much as possible in an absolutely incredible, safe, loving, abundant environment, the Farm of Life, Costa Rica. Watch this video for a glimpse into the epicness :D”

I really hope to see you there and hope you have enjoyed both Videos!!!
Till next year at the Farm of Life


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Hey Chris, The link to JustFood.com links to a cooked SAD site called Schwan’s. By any chance, does Lisa have a site of her own? Looking forward to your updates on H&F Week, etc. 🙂

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