Durian Adventure to Luwus Bali

Durian Adventure to Luwus Bali

Join the Durian Dream team on a sweet and creamy adventure to Durian capital Luwus Bali!

Blessed by such sweet times and connections. While in Bali my friend Nicholas reached out and invited me to meet my Durian destiny in Luwus, a city known for its Durian! The rest is history or so they say, amazing new friends, conversation, collaboration and well of course Durian! If your in Bali or plan to go I fully recommend taking a trip to Luwus for a sweet adventure!

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Check out some of the epic peeps below!

Connect with Nicholas @MasteringFreedom on IG and on his YouTube channel Mastering Freedom

Connect with Benny @KingKongFilms on IG

Connect with Daniel B @vegan.athletic on IG and check out his site to grab some Vegan Athletic Apparel!

Check out “Raw Fruity Living with Sophie”

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But most of all

As Always

Wishing You Much

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