The Hardest Push Up? The Samson Push-Up!!

A few years ago I took part in a Push-up challenge (the hardest push-up in the world) with Dr Douglas Graham for his FoodnSport channel, he wiped the table with me. Back to the same spot for Mango Mania retreat I revisited the challenge after much rehabilitation work for my lower back. Check out how many I was able to do this time around and See all the Fun!!

If you haven’t already watched them, check out my videos on Bone Regrowth and Natural Healing as well as The McGill Big Three – Three super easy back exercises that will help ease back pain, improve flexibility and make you feel so good!

Also, check out some of the videos and youtube channels that I mentioned in this video:

The “Hardest Push-Up on the Planet” video (samson push-up) by foodnsport

Dr Graham’s FoodnSport Channel  

Jake Iremonger, The Durian Ambassador,Channel 

Katy Craine’s Channel

Christie Qualey

So tell me, how many Samson Pushups can YOU do?? 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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