DC Commercials Behind the Scenes!

Ive been holding on to this for a little bit, DC Commercials behind the Scenes! Thanks Steve, so stoked on this vid!! 🙂

As the name entails we got some behind the scene’s action for DC shoe companies latest commercials filmed in LA finished with the final cuts!


Where to start!

Well well well.

Steve Directed these commercials, Tim produced them. Tim asked me to cater for em, so the rest is history! 🙂

The vid is pretty self explanatory, 4 – 5 amazing sets of the highest caliber matched with some of the best skaters around. Pj Ladd, Josh Kalis, Matt Miller, Nick Dompierre, Marquise Henry, and Chris Cole killing it hard n talking behind the scenes! I even got a few tricks, was really stoked and Steve and I talk candidly about the raw food diet.

Gang-loads of Mellon takes the cake, thanks Steve and everyone for the fun, was a amazing time!

Been mad backed up with the vids, apologies 🙂

Way more to come with amazing amusingness guaranteed!


As Always

Wishing You Much

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