TRA Ghetto Free Weight Basement Workout!

Coming at you with my Favorite Ghetto Basement Free Weight Workout I enjoyed while at my parents house in Saskatoon.

Sharing loads of tips and tricks n info on

how to gain strength and size on a raw food diet

even if your a lazy fit guy like me!!

I give a a couple of variations on the Bench Press, Dead Lifts, Arm Curls and my all time favorite free weight full body exercise, the Full Clean!!

Mucho Fun n silliness!

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I absolutely love working out, While I may say I am a lazy fit guy, when I feel like working out I love to give it my all! I really find optimal fitness is all about fun, finding the activities that light you up, that you really want to do full on brings the best results. When you are having fun you are more likely to keep doing the actives and achieve the goals you may have.

I Really love weight training because it is something I can easily measure my progress in. It is something I can easily challenge myself with, pushing myself to the limit. Weight Training is something that i can really get a intense strength or endurance workout in, almost anywhere and with my chosen intensity and time limit! By Weight Training I also mean Calisthenics, or Body weight exercises such as Push ups, weighted Push ups, Pull ups and many other movements or Static Holds! More on this in another Post.

Some of my other exercise favorites are yoga, skateboarding, surfing, skipping, jogging, martial arts, calisthenics, gymnastics, dancing, playing and swimming. Each in its own moment done with delight its easy to be fit and still feel lazy! It important to enjoy down time, to give your body the rest it needs and do activities out of a desire to do them, heck that’s when we recover and balance our energies.

With gaining muscle and strength I find its really important to know that pure strength training demands that we really really push ourselves. We create the need for our muscles to grow, making micro tears in the muscle fibers. By doing lower repetitions of heavier weights, or using calisthenics utilizing angles that really challenge us we can achieve this aim. To grow muscle you really need to perform movements that you can only do 1-6 times, more than that and it will first split to strength endurance, over 12+ more to endurance and toning.

Most people find doing 3- 5 sets of 1-6 repetitions works well, starting off with a good warm up, possibly a warm up set of each exercise with a lighter weight (not too challenging) before moving to a heavier weight, works best to gain muscle. I love to Stack or Castle my sets if I have the option, in the video I didn’t, meaning Starting with a heavy weight I can do 10 times, next set moving up to one I may do 6-8, then the last two sets moving up again to a weight I can only do 2- 4 times, then finishing off with 6 of a slightly lighter weight. I love going just to failure, This really taxes the muscles and gets a really good mix of Pure Strength and a bit of endurance.

A really amazing aspect of strength training is utilizing at least one Full body exercise in your routine. When we use a full body strength moment we cause our body to produce more Human Growth Factor, this in essence simply causes the body to grow and heal faster resulting in more results faster. One of my absolute favorites is the Full Clean as shown in the video. Other excellent choices are Burpies and Hindu Push ups, more on these in another post.

This video Goes over 3 types of Bench Press using a standard home bench with added Paint Cans ahah. It also Shows some Arm Curls, Dead Lifts, Squats and Full Cleans all with Proper Form. Its much better to do less weight with proper form rather than try to do a heavy weight with poor form, create good habits first and allow your strength to grow with that proper form. You will be very happy you did as poor form creates weaknesses and injury.

At the end of any set or workout you can gain extra benefit from squeezing out your muscles, or simply flexing each muscle group as hard as you possibly can. Squeeze and hold for 3-5 seconds and rest, then repeat 3 sets just like a extra workout. This in itself can be done as a workout if you do not have any weights available. It really does work and will help your build size and tone!

After a good workout refuelling is very important, eat the right foods and you can cut your recovery time in half!!! What the best? Simple Sweet Juicy Fruit, providing all the essentials for health fruit is absorbed and utilized faster than any food. Instant gratification for the muscles, readily replenishing muscle glycogen, satisfy that thirst and hunger with any juicy fruit or with a recipe from my simple “101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes”! If you have really been working You or are enjoying some sport for a few hours you may also wish to add some celery or greens to your post workout, otherwise fruit is great!

Hope you really enjoyed this video and post, there is much more in the video itself so be sure to watch n enjoy the challenges that light you up n the sweetness of mother natures kitchen!


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Thanks for showing your moves.  I'm a 74, yr old girl, with a similar basement setup. Glad to hear that it can still work if not so consistent.  Good info abt. the HGHfactor. Enjoy!

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