Vegans are Rabid Plant Killers

I have heard this dozens of times from angry omnivores and carnivores.. well wait there are no true human carnivores, at least anatomically and physiologically…
In this video we go into the thought that Vegans are Rabid Plant Killers!

Lets really honestly sit with this, can it be true that vegans are plant killers…

Plants are undoubtably living, in essence everything is living as it has the spark of creation and at a atomic level is vibrating at difference frequencies, everything is energy and thus is changing in some way.

Bringing it back to the corporeal though, plants and animals differ in a few huge ways that brings light to this issue..

  1. Plants do not have a central nervous system, meaning they do not feel pain as we know it.
  2. Plants are not a sentient beings (as animals are) meaning it does not have an innate, emotional inclination to avoid bodily harm or death (in the same way that animals do)
  3. If you snap a leaf off of a plant a new one will grow back, the same can not be said for animals
  4. Removing leaves / eating from the fruit can actually be of benefit to the plant, not the same with the limbs of animals.

“Philosophically speaking, it’s safe to say that Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, would never bestow upon a living creature the capacity to feel pain without also giving him or her the ability to engage in a fight or flight response to the imminent threat or actual experience of pain.” * widely plagiarized quote

Well yes, unfortunately it is true, some plants are killed upon harvest, meaning they are detached from their main source of life and from that point slowly start to decay. Some examples would be carrots, beets (root veggies) and at times lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, whereas the whole plant is actually killed. In some cases enough root may be left for the plant to grow another vegetable, flower or fruiting flower sense it wouldn’t really be killed, but not in all cases. This largely depends upon the way the food is picked.

In terms of fruit it is by nature freely given. Nothing in this world is so perfectly offered than fruit, grown using all of the pranas, designed to bring pleasure and sustenance with a indirect asking to propagate the best seed. In fact plants want us to eat the fruits, thats why they grow them so that we can spread their seed.

This all said there are ways to consciously harvest fruits and vegetables in such a way that not only avoids killing but is as kind as possible to the plant, at times actually beneficial.

  1. when picking fruit either pick from the ground fruit that has already fallen or only those fruits that very easily can be picked, almost just by lightly touching. This not only brings you the highest quality fully nutritionally ripened fruit possible but also prevents excessive pulling or breaking off the tree.
  2. when harvesting greens pick those that are just, just starting to wilt a tiny bit (or on the larger side leaving the smaller freshly growing leaves to grow), grab from the base of the leaf / stem against the main stalk and pull down. This will bring the least amount of harm to the plant and prevent any excess energy to be going to any small bits of leaf some leave behind.
  3. when tending fruit tree’s prune branches that are starting to wilt / become scarce with leaves and trim any branches that reach out further or higher than needed for the bulk of the tree. Research more on pruning for various plants and trees, done properly this practice can help the tree put more energy into fruit production which in turn gives it a better chance to propagate a new tree.

Fruitarians often feel that fruit is the only food meant for us since its freely given, with the above I contest that fruits, leafy green plants and nuts and seeds can all be freely given as part of a symbiotic relationship with plants where we both benefit. The most pure relationships possible are this way, where both parties stand to benefit and grow with each other, one we are so blessed to enjoy with mother nature.

While I vastly prefer to “consciously” or “ethically” harvest as explained above for many reasons I personally do not have, at this point, ethical qualms about eating store bought plant foods that quite possibly could mean the plant has been killed.
So I guess I am a rabid plant killer, but not by preference, by convenience and practicality and I am ok with that.

If you are a omnivore and all of this gets you worked up or you do not agree and feel killing plants and animals is the same thing do consider that unto 80% of many of our main food crops are grown to feed animals, so by eating animals you are actually killing more plants than plant eaters…

For more info I recommend watching


Forks Over Knives


I would invite everyone to harvest consciously as much as possible, to choose to grow as much food as possible, to harvest wild edibles as a part of a compassionate symbiotic relationship with your environment and plants in general via a plant based lifestyle. We are so blessed by this perfect creation, a gift to be nurtured and in such abundance. The more aware and compassionate we are the more connection and love we will grow in our hearts and share with the world.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know if you have any questions or have any aspects you wish I could have gone deeper into

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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