How to Skip the Flu

I am excited to talk on another controversial subject, preventing, managing, and self healing from the flu. With so much hype these days about the coming and recent past flu pandemic, so much conflicting information/controversy over the vaccine this is indeed a heated issue. As a whole this could be debated, going on and on with page after page of studies and research on all sides. TO ME the proof is in the pudding (chocolate date pudding, or faux banana rice pudding 🙂 hahaha). I myself haven’t been sick in over 10 years, my mentor Dr Doug Graham boasts over 30 years sick free, his 6 year old girl not a sick day in her life. This can all be attributed to a hygienic lifestyle dominated by whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables.

Upon researching the list of toxic controversial ingredients, medically listed inherent dangers, documented fatalities, cases of severe nerve damage, documented onset autism, and general health decline attributed to and following vaccines the risks are too large to ignore. I have researched this subject for years, there are many sites and whole books dedicated to these very real dangers. I Highly recommend you research vaccines yourself before making any decision that could effect you and the ones you love for the rest of your lives. Take into consideration many of the books and articles written are by people who’s lives and families have been devastated by vaccines, while pro-vaccine sites and articles often are ruled by medical dogma, fueled by big pharma $ and vested interests.

In any case, prevention is the best option. We are truly gifted with a completely self regulating self maintaining highly efficient miraculously amazing physical body that is constantly working 24/7 to keep us in perfect health. It is truly from our own actions and human created pollution that we thwart and degrade this God given natural state. With all seriousness look at the average north american lifestyle and food choices, little exercise, loads of stress and much of the food we eat we wouldn’t even feed our domesticated animals. Without a thought pop, chips, processed sweets, meats, dairy, and grains, know poisons like alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides. Paying big money to smear creams, cosmetics, deet, and lotions all over our skin that are know to have toxic ingredients and qualities. High stress lifestyles with a go go go never enough mindset, this is the “normal” world we live in. Its really no wonder people on average feel battered often getting sick numerous times every year developing so many degenerative diseases. When our bodies are constantly barraged, rarely getting a chance to properly detox and heal we end up with a overload. Intelligently our bodies show symptoms and create conditions to literally purge itself of accumulated waste shown through fatigue, fever, mucous etc.

How do we prevent the flu?

This is easy and really is common sense.

Firstly eat more of the best foods we know we can, namely whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables. We all know every fruit and vegetable comes with anti-cancer this, high vitamin high antioxidant that, is the best source of pure living water and to top it off tastes great! Ever since I decided to constantly enjoy a large fruit breakfast and eat mostly whole foods over 10 years ago I have not gotten sick. Its as simple as that. You can start any meal with as much fruits and/or leafy greens as you care for, the more the better, try adding a few all raw meals or add jet fuel your wellness and try going 100% raw. The benefits far outweigh the addiction rationalized negatives, that I can assure you. By adding more fresh, you will naturally eat less junk, crave less, feel more energetic and motivated to make more changes.

Secondly get some rigorous physical activity in regularly that you enjoy doing. Changing it up as often as you desire, by doing so you can compliment all aspects of fitness, strength, cardio, flexibility/balance, speed/agility, and hand eye coordination. Any activity that can bring you to a sweat and get your blood pumping will increase your bodies natural disease fighting ability and improve your overall fitness and health. Most of all have fun with it, the more fun you have the more likely you will continue these habits in the future 🙂

Thirdly make sure to get in adequate sunlight, approximately 15 min a day, and get all the sleep  you desire to ensure optimal health and recovery. Try to live as stress free a lifestyle as you can, consider stress a reminder you need to breath deep reconnect with yourself and relax.

What if yo already have flu symptoms?

This really is easy to manage and get over although it takes some slowing down and faith in our bodies innate healing capacity. Most often when people get sick they try to cover and fix symptoms by taking aspirin, cold/flu pills, syrups, garlic ect. Our body is much more intelligent than our intellect, really any action we take simply adds on to our obvious toxemia and list of burdens. The best course of action is to relax, get as much rest as possible, stay in bed all day, even for a few days if you can. Only eat if you are actually hungry and then fresh fruits, remember hunger is not anxious, irritable, or in anyway painful. Listen deeply to your body, drinking as much as you need if your thirsty. A few days of relaxing, pampering yourself (you deserve it!) with baths, nice conversations, meditation, fresh ripe raw high water content fruits and leafy greens and lots of sleep is your best bet to ensure quick recovery. Consider all animals in nature as well as babies naturally eat little or no food during illness, refusing even water at times, they are the masters of listening to their body and much more in tune with themselves.

Have trust in your bodies wisdom, love yourself fully giving the time, pampering, and rest you need in any given moment. We really can be hard on our selves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are truly each a temple. Its so important to take break and release sometimes, relax let go, everything will be ok. Remember that you deserve the best, all the time 🙂

hope this sheds some light, as always all questions comments and concerns are welcome.

Enjoy Much

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. For many years it was thought that cancer and heart disease were misfortunes that you braced for in later life and simply learned to accept. However, my personal experience shows that we don’t have to sit back and wait as helpless victims. Current-day diets have become dysfunctional largely because of processed and synthetic foods.

    I remember the last time I had a cold,which was more than a decade ago shortly after I went Raw /vegan I was expunging dairy through every orifice!

    That was it, from then on — no more dis-ease

    “Beauty and vitality are gifts from nature for those who live by her laws”
    — Leonardo da Vinci

  2. Just want to say your article is striking. The clarity in your post is simply striking and i can take for granted you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the ac complished work. Excuse my poor English. English is not my mother tongue.

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