Banana Love and Raw Athleticism

In this video Sachi, aka​⁠ interviews me about my Love of Bananas and Raw Athleticism

Thanks so much to Sachi for having me on. Be sure to give Sachi a follow for more inspiration and to see all she offers!​⁠

Below is a short synopsis of some of the information we covered in the interview. I recommend watching the whole video for much more fun and in-depth information. Near the end, we talk about perfectionism and self-love.

In our conversation, we delved deep into my profound affinity for bananas—their simplicity, accessibility, and versatility have truly captured my heart. While they might not rank as my top favorite in terms of taste, bananas embody the epitome of a perfect staple fruit. They’re available year-round, are incredibly cost-effective, and serve as a convenient calorie source.

What truly sets bananas apart for me is their role in enhancing athletic performance. Whether it’s before or after a workout, bananas provide a natural burst of energy and essential nutrients. Their rich potassium content not only helps prevent muscle cramps but also aids in replenishing glycogen stores post-exercise, facilitating faster recovery and true raw athleticism.

When it comes to incorporating bananas into my workout routine, I’ve found that listening to my body is key. While I generally prefer exercising on an empty stomach, there are times when a light banana smoothie or fruit snack can provide that extra boost during longer workouts. And after pushing through a challenging session, bananas shine in their ability to capitalize on the body’s heightened nutrient absorption, speeding up recovery and restoring energy levels.

But bananas are more than just a fruit—they symbolize simplicity, nourishment, and sustainability in my holistic approach to wellness. By embracing all that comes our way and honoring the body’s cues, I advocate for a lifestyle centered around wholesome, plant-based nutrition. For me, bananas are not just a food choice; they represent a deeper connection to health, vitality, raw athleticism and the natural world.

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