Raw Vegan Secrets To Long Term Success with Matt Bennett

I feel really blessed to have recently been featured on my friend Matt Bennett’s “Raw Food Health Show” going into our Raw Vegan Secrets To Long Term Success!

I really hope you enjoy the episode and that you check out more of Matt’s Shows, both past and Live in the Future as well as his awesome books and more!

Below is a partially cleaned-up transcript from the video going into some general discussion and my 1st of three Raw Vegan Secrets To Long Term Success!

Be sure to watch the whole video for each of our 3 secrets!

Matt: “It’s truly an honor to have Chris on the show. You know, being able to collaborate with him after learning so much from him over the years, and just him being a great example of how to do this lifestyle in a healthy and sustainable way. So, thank you, Chris. I appreciate all the work that you put into sharing this information and just the example that you are.

Chris: Back at you 110%, brother, honored and humbled by your words, and all you put out there is top-notch, Sometimes makes me feel like a lazy man, I tell you. So, you’re smashing it. I’ve learned a lot from you.”

Matt: “Thank you so much, all right. And thank you, everybody, for joining again. So yes, let’s get started here for the topic discussion, Secrets to long-term success on a raw diet. Chris, do you wanna start us off with your first topic point?”

Chris: “Sure, I’m absolutely down. You know, and I think it’s a really, really big one, an important one that can help people not only stick with their raw program but also stick with veganism and a healthy lifestyle in general. And really, what that is, is just growing in your reasons that you’re making this choice. So, I’d almost put it into two categories: veganism and raw food. Grow and expand your reasons for both of those things because when I first started with raw food, I really primarily went into it for athletics. And then I started to learn other reasons why I wanted to do it, you know, the animal welfare, and of course, like just the worldwide impact on the environment. And you know, that ethics aspect really grew within me. And you can come up with many things on the list. I invite you to really challenge yourself, look out around you, talk to other people who are doing this, and just grow your list. Because, for example, if Athletics is the only reason you’re in it and you injure yourself and you can’t do it anymore, you might be like, ‘Well, screw it,’ you know? But if you have more reasons than just that, you’re much more likely to stay with it. You know, so we could probably go through a laundry list of reasons that we both do it to give them examples if you want, you know, like I said, for me, ethics and ecology and Athletics. But what are some of the other reasons that you do this, more?”

Matt: “Oh, gosh, yeah. I mean, it’s almost endless. I mean, the animals, of course, but that wasn’t the first thing that got me into doing this lifestyle. Really, in the beginning, it was just Health. It was, you know, hair loss issues that I was dealing with. It was just, you know, fatigue and really poor digestion. I was constipated. But the hair loss is what got me into it initially. I did a juice fast, felt amazing, and started seeing so many benefits. Especially in my mental health. And so, that became a reason for me. Then I learned about the animals. Then I learned about, you know, really how great it is for the environment. Spiritual reasons. You know, the list goes on. I could keep going. But yeah, absolutely.”

Chris: “It’s just such a blessing to be able to share such a potent message that gives so much for so little effort for ourselves. You know, but like it Ripples and spreads, and, you know, being that show adding Lighthouse to guide other people towards a better choice for yourself, for the planet, for the animals, for connection, you know, it’s, uh, it’s ridiculous. So, the more reasons you can put into it, the more likely you’re going to stick through it when it gets tough or when you get challenged during that social circumstance or you can’t find your ideal choice, you know? Well, you know, if you have reasons for it, you might be able to breathe through it and find another route.”

“Coming up with those two lists for both, you know, because I don’t know about you, but I figure the same, like to me, veganism is the absolute backbone, and so like having a good list of reasons why you’re a vegan, and having that as the first thing, and then the raw food, to me, is more of a personal thing, you know? It’s like veganism for everything, and raw food for health and for myself, and for congruency and what I believe, and feel. So, I think just having that kind of mindset so that you can really clarify for yourself the reasons why you’re doing it and not be super hard or hard on yourself but have Clarity there is super helpful for long term success. Really regardless of what you’re trying to change in your life, if you’re trying to change anything, having a concrete understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing, just reinforces the action that you’re taking and makes you that much more committed. So, yeah, I think that’s a great idea to have both those lists to make sure that you’re covering all your bases and you have a real well-rounded understanding of why you know you’re doing what you’re doing. I know some people, too, it really helps actually to put those lists up in places where you can see them, you know, especially in the first few months and even years of doing this, you know, whether you frame it and have it as kind of like an art piece or whether you put it on your refrigerator if that’s where you’re challenged when you’re in the Kitchen near your refrigerator or have it in your phone as a screensaver, you know, anything that helps you stick with it, especially in the beginning times or when it’s more challenging and, you know, life throws a curveball your way.

Raw Vegan Secrets To Long Term Success with Matt Bennett

Be sure to watch the whole video for all 3 of both of our Raw Vegan Secrets To Long Term Success!

Thanks again Matt for having me on, it was a blast, I hope you all enjoy it a ton and am excited to be back on for another show!

Check out this fun Recipe Food Demo I did with Mat sharing his Macadill Ranch Dressing Recipe

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