How to Overcome the Most Difficult Moments on the Raw Lifestyle, Interviewed by Zuzana!

Blessed to share this awesome Live Interview Zuzana, @zuzusrawjourney on IG, did with me going over strategies on how to overcome the most difficult moments on the raw lifestyle!

While I wish I could say that the raw food lifestyle is just rainbows, unicorns, and blissful moods all the time, the reality is that it is not. Sure, a well-planned raw food lifestyle is amazing in so many ways, it can lead you to higher levels of health, to have more energy, to reverse chronic conditions, to recover from exercise and injury quicker as well to have a more joyful outlook on life, but there are also challenges along the way. Often times I call the raw food lifestyle a vortex of positive change, a bright light that asks us to look within, to look at our relationships to self, food, and others to do some deep healing work.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Zuzana as we go into this topic deeper!

In this interview you will learn:

* How to stop the restrict-binge cycle

* What is the concept of calorie density and why it matters for your success on the raw vegan journey

* How to behave around people who eat differently without feeling weird

* How to create time to manage food prep

* How to stay raw when budget and produce options are limited

And more!

These topics are so important and can really make the difference in making the raw lifestyle a lot easier to maintain and succeed long-term with.

If you haven’t already I recommend watching my video on Emotional and Binge Eating here.

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How to Overcome the Most Difficult Moments on the Raw Lifestyle

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