TRA Hawaiian Adventures #5, A Sea Purslane Party!

I’m coming at you today with Hawaiian video #5!!  I started out the day at…. can you guess???  Oh yeah!  The FARMER’S MARKET! 

Got me some yummy yummy persimmon and rambutan.

Then it’s off to the tide pools where I gobble up some awesomely delicious sea purslane.  This stuff seriously tastes like olives, kind of like seaweed olives.

I checked out an out of this world – hehehe – little farmers market called S.P.A.C.E., spent some time at Cinderland and then capture a couple of durian first-timers on camera 🙂  Peep the video to check it all out!!

Weee what fun I am having in Hawaii!  I finally get a LITTLE bit of freedom from the cast.  Not totally off yet but at least I can straighten my elbow now!



As Always

Wishing You Much

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