Wow A packed video, this is one month condensed!! From gardens to playing with All my nieces and nephews n friends, to Fruitlucks potlucks and the amazing Xero shoes!

SO so so much to enjoy!!

Hope you love it!! 🙂

Whoa were to start!!!

A good friend of the family lives on a farm, you’ve seen it before (its where Alli’s horse Dandy lives!), we planted a awesome garden out there this year and have been reaping the benefits with lots of fresh eats!! Tons of greens, tomatoes, carrots and more such a treat. Jacob Alli and I barefoot, connecting to the earth together learning the joys of gardening! SO so sweet. While “weeding” I notice that we are actually “picking” a variety of Purslane, one of my favorite greens. Sea Purslane is actually the highest in sodium of any terrestrial edible plant, all varieties are quite savoury and a great addition to stews, pasta’s, salads and more. I love to eat it right from the ground! We packed up tons of greens for a variety of fun feasts in the week!

My dad got his ears cleaned out by the process of ear Candling, this was his first time trying it out and my 2nd time helping another with the process. Basically you take a special “ear candling tube” stick it in, light it up and it creates a warm suction that sucks the wax out of the inner ear. I haven’t done it myself as Ive found my ears have been really clear since going raw (I only need use a q-tip once or twice a year and even then there is little to no wax). Even though I have not done it myself I have seen and heard amazing results noting lots of gross wax (much different in color and texture than the melted candle itself) come out with a huge difference in hearing and feeling in the ear. My dad is now a believer and wishes to do it twice a year, as per recommended.

Lucky n happy me Gets to jump on the trampoline with Alijah and the rest of the kids during the month. I used to be in trampoline lessons, and remember doing a routine to “Janies Got a Gun” ahaha. Alli and I show off with some flips and acrobatics. I love to Jump! Trampolines are so fun and the best form of exercise, the best exercises are always at Play or simply playing. Charlize and I play n bounce noting my awesome “Bananenhaus” (Banana House) t-shirt from The best band ever “Die Roten Punkte”. They are by far one of my favorite bands these days ( all of the songs in the video are by them) check them out at

To the PBR Auction, a wonderful place to get below wholesale prices on Produce. Receiving all the overflow produce not accepted by the Grocers PBR puts them up at great prices 3 times a week. Searching for Auctions and wholesalers to buy your produce in bulk from brings the best prices and deals around!! Saskatoon cant be the only place with a auction, check out your city, delve deep and find those Gems! I got Organic blackberries and Banana’s on one trip and Organic Strawberries (4 bucks a Case) and Crenshaw melons on another trip!

My 1st Saskatoon Frickin’ Fruitluck of the year turns out to be a success. Many good friends, family and sweet fruits n veggies came out to play, share and skateboard. Garret even elbow dropped a Watermelon!! Lets spread Frickin Fruitlucks around the globe, Start one up yourself in your city, take photos or video and I will include it on my videos!! I will be hosting Fruitlucks every major city I goto every chance I get!! Excited to enjoy with you!

I am so so so Stoked on Xero Shoes!! I have two pairs myself and have bought 5 pairs for family members that desired them as gifts 🙂 Very simply minimal running/hiking/jogging/walking/playing shoes that allow you to actually feel the earth. A thin (available in 2 thickness’) Vibram Cherry sole is all that’s between you and the earth, this helps you utilize your natural gait for the best muscular development, posture, foot strength, endurance and jogging form. Ever since running and jogging barefoot as well as with my Invisible shoes I have found huge improvements in my ankle, foot and knee strength. I used to have ankle issues that effected my skating as well as the thought of jogging or running, I am now able to sk8 and run further, faster and with more regularity, than ever in my life. Having the feet breathe is a really nice thing too, as is getting a nice tan on the old feet! I simply Love them, at 20 – 25 $ a pair I cant recommend them highly enough.

Off to Beate Epps amazing Organic Farm for a Saskatoon Monthly Raw Food Potlucks which are headed by the illustrious Deanna Litz of Quite simply a rawsome time filled with great people n delicious raw food. Excited for more! 🙂

Back to the auction I pick up two cases of Organic banana’s, Chiquita from Equador and Bio Banana’s from Peru. Ready to commence a Taste test to find out the best banana!!

Off to Rotary park for a awesome free yoga class in the sun put on by Cory Nuefeld of The Better Good (my favorite Eco conscious Shop) and Ryan Leier of One Yoga (My Favorite yoga Studio)! After a fun class with friends new and old we enjoyed a mini fruitluck and determined that the Bio Banana’s were the creamiest and sweetest of the bunch, Just goes to show Biodynamic farming is the best!!

Last But Definitely not least I bought a case of Cherries, part Bing and part Rainier for my mom and Dads 40th wedding anniversary! I shout allot in the video sharing my love for cherries and Johnny Cash! 🙂

A taste test on the cherries reveals the dark red Bing cherries to be the crowd Favorite!!

Hope you really enjoyed the Video apologies for the sloppy writing its the end of summer and I am spending as much time outside as I can!!!!

Next time w enter New York Madness and “the Woodstock Fruit Festival”

Wishing you much

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