There are more than a few Myths in the raw vegan lifestyle that can cause a failure to thrive and others that can be downright dangerous, in this talk with Ronnie we tackle a few from his new book Raw Vegan Myths Debunked!💥

In this brand new book, raw vegan author Ronnie Smith covers 10 myths about the raw vegan diet,

some of which we tackle in this interview, such as:

* Is the raw vegan diet nutrient deficient?

* Can raw vegans avoid medication?

* Is soil depletion worldwide leading to declining food quality?

* Are the practices of dry fasting, urine therapy and breatharianism valid?

I really think these are important subjects to have conversations and to look deeper into, I have seen people harmed and misled by many of the myths debunked in Ronnie’s new book and hoe that you do check it out and enjoy the interview!

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