Water fasting day 6

Got another fun fasting day blog post for you!

Today I will be focusing on Enema’s, Colonics, Colon Hydrotherapy as well as Herbal “cleanses”.

I hope you find it insightful 🙂

Oh n a BIG P.S I just got my Interview with Ellen Livingston of Living Yoga Now Transcribed, so if you wish to read this uplifting and informative interview check it out here!

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Oh my day 6, you caught me in Bed!!

Well guess what Ive been in bed nearly all day, didn’t leave bed until about 2 o’clock then went up and watched Harry Potter 5!! Yea Im a harry Potter fan, I like it! 🙂

Anyways, I watched that with some of the guests here at The Farm of Life .
Pretty much just came back to bed and have been watching some documentaries and listening to some insightful audio books I love. Some great ones are “The Power of Now” By Ekhart Tolle and “Conversations with God” by Neil Donald Walsh. Been catching up on some inspirational flows, otherwise keeping it really mellow yellow.

Today I took another demon poo, oops  Elimination! Really stinky one!!

Pretty much emptied out I think.

Thunder storming out here today, nice relaxing rainy day. Pretty calm and relaxing.

Today I want to talk a little bit about Enema’s (Enema’s Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonics and other Backward Flows, Pun intended) because a lot of people really love them. Many Practitioners think they are the best thing in the world, preached as something you should do all the time or  any time your starting a fast, ending a fast, creating a new lifestyle blah blah blah.

Hey, ya know I have some really good friends who perform enemas or more so colonics and colon hydrotherapy and I know they do so out of the belief that it is a really good helpful practice. From my learning and IMHO its not only a unnecessary process but also a dangerous and enervating one that actually lessens our growth, more to that below.

In this way (mouth) out that way (bum) 🙂 one more time

In this way (mouth) out that way (bum) 🙂

Ya know when you are eating primarily or exclusively from high water content high fiber foods there is absolutely no need to go up the bottom side and try to clean out your colon. Your colon health begins with what you put in your mouth.

I would much rather see someone go to the root of the issue, making permanent lifestyle ( Exercise, hydration emotional poise all effect digestive and colon health) and dietary choices, creating healthy habits that would in turn create balanced colon health. In the end Enema’s, colonics, and colon hydrotherapy are just westernized thinking of quick fixes or band-aid fixes. Instead of taking responsibility and going to the root cause many people use these processes as a way to seemingly negate the effects of their choices, only then compounding them.

While the practice of enema’s itself is pretty old, back to at least the ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks, they were presented under false assumptions of our physiology. They believed the colon was the sewage system of the body in that it needed to be cleaned out to prevent auto-intoxication. The truth of the matter is there are many types of beneficial bacteria in the colon further decomposing foodstuffs responsible for the absorption of many beneficial byproducts. All of these processes belittle the bodies natural elimination power as well as wash out the “good and bad” bacteria present within the colon. Eating of healthful whole foods high in water and fiber is a much safer and surer way to achieve good bowel and intestinal health.

Unlike some Hygienists I would say there Maybe, Maybe and this is a big MAYBE for me, be some times when a session or round of Colonics may be a ok option, but still not without some risks. This may be in the case of someone abruptly and drastically switching their food intake from high fat animal foods to a predominately or fully raw vegan lifestyle. IN this case one MAY experience a faster elimination cycle using them to going into a fast or the new lifestyle to help ease detox or discomfort from bloat. Regardless of this Maybe, the better route in my honest opinion would be to have a week of simple easy to digest cooked vegetarian eating to slowly clean out the intestines and bowel then move into a 100% raw lifestyle.

Its a truth that Enema’s, Colonics and Colon Hydrotherapy are really a enervating process’s that comes with a list of possible dangers. For one I have heard of people who become dependent on colonics for elimination, dodo’s. In other words they cant go to the bathroom without a colonic or enema. That’s pretty horrible!

Something else to look out for is the cleanliness and sterility for the equipment being used. The colon is a warm damp place with various bacteria in a delicate balance, poorly sterilized equipment can lead to infections such as amoebic infection and may interfere with the colon’s ability to shed dead cells. Other rare but serious complications include gastrointestinal perforation from improper insertion. Some colon cleansing regimens disrupt our natural fluid and electrolyte balance which may lead to dehydration and salt depletion. Repeated or excessive cleansing programs can lead to anemia and malnutrition. Excessive use of enemas has also been associated with cardiac problems such as heart failure, and heart attacks related to electrolyte imbalances when used with coffee.

Another thing I have seen happen often is that people become physiologically addicted to colonics, using them as a quick fix or as a band-aid like recourse for any “slips” or digressions from their dietary regime. Any time one slips from their ideal, eats too many nuts or has a binge and eats “whatever” outside of their “ok” foods they run to a colonic to, in their mind, avoid the consequences.

Taking Colonics as a Magic pill or something that will save them from the responsibility of their own actions. In the end this is a false precept and one that can stagnate / inhibit personal and dietary growth. Each action has a consequence, side stepping often ends up simply shifting or compounding the issues that manifest the initial problem.

I think that its really important that we make lasting changes and that we live with what we do to ourselves. That way we develop long lasting habits that are the best for us.

Just my thoughts anyways, I would much rather put good food in my mouth, something that tastes really good, is high water and fiber and by its nature will push everything through in the perfect transit time. All fruits and veggies (excluding natural antibiotics and irritants such as garlic, onions, ginger, hot peppers etc) are natural probiotics supporting the natural balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut as well as in your colon. Without this balance and bacteria we wouldn’t be alive or well by any stretch of the word. So as long as your eating good foods, food combining well, exercising there is absolutely no need to “help out” your colon.

The whole scare or idea of there being a caked on intense thick thick mucous layer of impacted DODO along your intestines and colon I just really don’t see this as truth. From the sources I have read, the people I trust, such as Dr Douglas Graham, whom have talked to Dr’s who do intestinal and colon surgery or actually open up cadavers and can see what is inside the colon there is no evidence to support this theory. The intestine is like the inside of your mouth, do you find pieces of food stuck there? No no it passes through.

I do acknowledge that one can create out pockets in their intestine getting foodstuff and matter stuck in there. This is a area of interest of mine and something I am going to do more research on going directly to the source asking people who work inside of humans as a profession. Ive seen too many Hucksters, hucksters how do you like that Harley, aka Durian rider, love that word ahah thanks, who sell their super duper mega fiber supplement with clay and physillium husks to clean out your intestine saying you have to eat a whole bunch of this and that powder or product, only 19.99, and take rounds of colonics or colon hydrotherapy to be “clean”. Taking peoples power away creating “solutions” out side of self, creating the illusion of a need that isn’t there. All that stuff is really expensive dangerous and ridiculous!

Save yourself some money, enjoy eating the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy and reap the benefits. Its that simple.

Enjoying day 6, Im going to go to sleep here, peace n love.


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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