Rainbow Island Cleanse FAQ’s

FAQ’sRainbow Island Cleanse

What’s a mono-meal?

Where will I get my protein?

Isn’t that too much sugar?

Is it only fruit?


What are mono-meals?

Mono meals are simply meals that consist of one ingredient. If your look to nature, you will find this is the natural way most animals eat, one ingredient at a time. I personally aim to eat at least one mono meal each day. Mono eating is a practice very popular amongst fruitarians and high carb raw vegans. Eating one ingredient at a time is extremely beneficial for the digestive system, giving it a well-deserved break from the complex meals we normally eat, especially after the holidays. Fresh, ripe, raw fruits are the easiest whole foods for your body to digest, spending little time in the stomach and requiring little enzymatic action. Gaining more efficient digestion from mono fruit meals, we free up a lot of energy for deep healing and detoxification.

Where will I get my protein?

This is the most common question we hear. It is interesting to note that protein deficiency is so rare, there isn’t even a established medical name for it. In fact the only way to under consume protein is by under consuming total calories, and thereby starving. So if you are eating an adequate amount of fruits (and greens if you choose) on Rainbow Island – you will meet your protein needs. Over consumption of protein is a much more pressing problem, with various major health implications such as kidney failure, cancer, acidosis, arthritis, premature aging, and kidney stones to name a few. Fruits typically yield 4-8 % of their calories from protein (or more accurately essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein), and roughly the same as mother’s milk at 6%. Veggies average 15 – 20% protein, providing more than adequate amounts when enough calories are consumed to fulfill your personal needs. The truth is media and our various dietary recommendations have been infiltrated by special interest groups (meat, dairy, medical etc) whom inflate our needs for protein to fill their pockets, at the expense of our health and environment

Isn’t this too much sugar?

You might ask, “Isn’t that too much sugar?” – Not when you are eating low fat it isn’t. The sugar is easily absorbed and utilized as energy when there is little or no fat clogging up the bloodstream. This is a low-fat cleanse so you will be safe to eat all the sweet and natural fruit you desire. Plus fruit sugar is different than the bad, processed sugars we are told to stay away from. 

Is it only fruit? Can we eat greens?

Although a mono-meal or mono-island is by definition – one ingredient. You can successfully do this cleanse incorporating fresh greens if you so wish. This can make the program easier to enjoy for some, more satiating and nutrient dense as well. It is up to you to decide if you want to do fruit only or if you wish to add greens like spinach, baby kale, romaine, herbs, cucumbers or celery to your smoothies or fruit meals. We also have a mono-meal recipe guide that will add variety to your days, including salads for those eating mono-fruits and greens. 

Get your copy today!


“Rainbow Island was a great success!!! This came at a perfect time for me. I did this cleanse to work on my temptations and self restraint and I’ve always wanted to try banana island but didn’t think I could do it. Being able to go through the colors of the rainbow made it so much easier for me! I truly loved that we incorporated the chakras with this cleanse as well. This also helped ease me trough harder cravings and temptations, and helped me work on my emotions. I lost 11lbs this week and I feel amazing. So clear headed and my heart is so open!!!! Everyone around me has noticed a ‘difference’ and I was able to share my mono fruit experience with so many people! I am truly grateful for you, Ashley and Chris!!!  You guys RAWK! I hope that I can come to a retreat of yours someday!!! Thank you again from the whole of my fruity heart!”

– Mary

“Thank you for this wonderful week, really good for resetting my compass taking me out of the habits and inertia I was stuck in even as a raw vegan! Lots of love to both.”


“I am planning on doing mono fruit meals more often now after experiencing the ease of it for my body. Maybe mono fruit breakfast and lunch and dinner a big uncomplicated salad. Thank you!”


“I loved Rainbow Island! I feel more in tune with my body, mind, spirit. The energy freed up from digesting prior to the cleanse is making it more clear for me to understand what my body needs. I’m definitely going to incorporate more monomeals and continue eating the rainbow! Thanks Ashley Clark and Chris Kendall for the inspiration, motivation and knowledge.” 


“Thank you guys for putting this together- I’ve been thinking about a rainbow cleanse for a long long time and wishing to be back in a healthy lifestyle with mainly rawfoods for a long time too. This cleanse has been the guiding light to push me back onto a healthy way of living and I thank you so much.”


“Thank you both for this amazing experience. I feel better than I have in years, the best I’ve felt ever, truly!!”


“…eating different fruits each day is way easier than trying to think of different meals each day or even just one fruit for 7 days.” 


“Wow thanks Chris for creating safe space in you’re teachings. Those yoga poses really helped me release some tears! ?”


“I’m really glad that you guys decided to incorporate the chakras with this cleanse. It could not have come at a more perfect time! I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I want to be the healthiest I can be. I’ve also been learning more about the chakras and have been wanting to work through mine and wasn’t sure how to start and this was a great option for me! I’ve been meditating each day so far and practicing yoga with the intentions placed on each chakra as we move through each day. I think it has been making it easier to do mono cleansing paired with emotional work and balancing of chakras!”


Chris Banana Commander Kendall, Rainbow Island Cleanse

I really hope you feel moved to dive in deep with us, releasing old energies and creating newfound awareness consciously creating a greater sense of balance!

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck 

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Is there any way I can buy this in a paper format so I can carry it around?  I have trouble with ebooks and don't own a printer, please let me know.   You both are THE most enjoyable and SANE people in the entire raw food community, love you and Ashley to pieces.  Your energy and commitment are contagious!


    Hugs to both of you,


    1. Blessings Juni! 🙂
      In this moment it is only available as a ebook, we are thinking about updating it with more info and pictures for the yoga classes (for now its a link to videos). If your signed up to my mailing list here you will be notified as soon as it happens 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback n hope you love riding the rainbow 🙂

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