The Power and Simplicity of Fruity Living with Raw Coconut Girl

Blessed to flow with Kindred Spirit Magdalena aka  @rawcoconutgirl  going into the Power and Simplicity of Fruity Living, amazing healings with raw food and the magic of Hawaii and DURIAN!

This fun talk went into many aspects of Magdalena’s healing journey from being in a wheelchair to dancing with raw food and creating her fruity living into a thriving business! We touch on fruitarianism, raw food, and different ways of approaching the raw food lifestyle. Be sure to listen to the whole interview to learn more about and from Magdalena!

Fruity Living

Excited to share that Magdalena’s brand new book “RAW VEGAN N’ HAWAIIAN” is now available on her site!

Bring the highest electromagnetic energy into your body with Raw Coconut Girl’s new recipe ebook

20 raw vegan high-frequency recipes from the Universe to Planet Earth

Enjoy creations like pizza, sushi, kale chips, Hawaiian-Polish soup, lasagna, wraps, pies, and more!

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