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I am really excited to share this fun n light spirited Interview with the Radiant Anne Osborne of!

I really hope you enjoy it!

Full Transcript of “TRA Interviews Fruitarian Anne Osborne of ” below 🙂

I feel very blessed to have met and flow with Anne, getting to know her better,  its a joy to share her passion and experience with all of you! A 20 year Raw Vegan Fruitarian, Anne shines with the bliss found in those exuding natural health. While at the Woodstock fruit festival I also got to meet her youngest Son Cappi, age 6, who also thrives on a fruitarian diet. Anne chooses to eat exclusively of Fruits finding them the most desirable, enjoyable, nourishing and satisfying of any food. She maintains and shows through example that a diet made up entirely of Fresh Ripe Raw Fruits yields  Radiating health. The highest Quality of fruit, Anne Maintains, is of the Utmost of Importance, especially on a Fruitarian diet.

Anne Flows her Knowledge, experience and best info in her amazing Book “Fruitarianism, the Path to Paradise” on her site.

I fully agree with Anne finding fruit to be our optimal food source, that said many of us do not live in a state of calm in our natural environment. Greens provide higher mineral density than fruits on average, most of us in our Unnatural physical and mental state of being require these higher levels for optimal health. The realities that many of us lead toxic lifestyles, living in big cities with polluted air, polluted water, experiencing higher levels of stress, surrounded in negative thought patterns and energy all has a effect on our nutrient requirements. Couple that up with the Quality issue of produce, many of us aren’t quite getting the absolute freshest highest quality food one could find, which I would also Encourage striving for. All this considered a diet abundant in greens can ensure that extra nutrient density and alkalinity needed to maintain balance giving us all we need to Thrive.

Very honestly I see Anne and others flowing such a simple lifestyle as a Harbingers of our return to the Garden, a return to a more natural enlightened and blissful state living in harmony with nature. Living in the moment without stress on the future or past, living in such a way the inner and outer balance is quite simply maintained and continually created. The impact each of us make is astounding, today is the day, today is the time to be and create your highest vision of self.

Bless you Anne, much thanks and Love! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this interview n the thoughts it provoked.

Full Transcript of “TRA Interviews Fruitarian Anne Osborne of ” below 🙂

C: I got another awesome interview for you. I got Anne Osborne. How are you doing, Anne? 

A: I’m doing great. This is a fantastic festival. It’s absolutely brilliant.

C: Ridiculous hey?

A: It’s just amazing.

C: Is this the first of the kind you’ve been to? 

A: It’s one of a kind, but hopefully it’s going to be carrying on every year so it’s not just one on its own because it’s just amazing.

C: I can’t wait for next year. I heard there might be two or three. 

A: I’m coming back!

C: I’m coming back for sure, too. 

A: I don’t care how many miles. I’m in Australia. I’m coming back next year.

C: So where in Australia are you from? 

A: Sunshine Coast in Queensland; South-East Queensland so it’s a sub-tropical climate, nice place to live.

C: So people who have not seen that much of you before, quick intro you know like how long have you been doing this raw thing.. how did you get into it? 

A: I’ve been doing it for nearly twenty years now. I got into it purely by chance really because I gave up animal products for ethical reasons; I didn’t know about health. Immediately as I gave up dairy products, I stopped wheezing. I was at uni at the time and had to climb up the hill to get to uni. Every morning by the time I got to the top of the hill, I would be coughing and wheezing. Immediately when I gave up dairy and it stopped, I thought wow, what have I started here and just looked into different types of diet; then eventually found the fruit diet and it’s the one that’s stuck with me and I’ve stuck with it for 19 – 20 years.

C: So awesome. And you have kids, too? 

A: Two kids. One’s nearly twenty. One’s seven and they were both brought up on a raw, vegan diet.

C: Just thriving on the fruit diet? 

A: Thriving, yes, and happy kids, you know, just a nice way about them. People often say, “Is their behaviour down to their diet?” So people are making connections between these kids and the fact that they’re not hyper, that they’re active but not hyper-active and making connections between the diet. You can read a load of books but if you see a kid and you think, ‘yeah, something’s going right with that kid’, you know it speaks a thousand words.

C: For sure. It’s amazing because so many people have the misconception that fruit or a fruit-based diet would make you spacey and all out there but in my experience, some of the most grounded, amazing, kind-hearted, most connected people are all fruit-based eaters. 

A: If you look at the organisation which has brought this festival together, you have got to be focussed to do that. You can’t be spacey. If you have kids, you can’t be spacey bringing up kids. Whatever you’re doing in life, a raw, vegan diet helps you focus and helps you obtain the optimum you can.

C: For sure. So I know a lot of people here on similar diets – you’re on a little bit different from most. Do you want to talk about that a little bit?

A: I don’t eat greens. I eat all fruit. Also, I often do mono-diets, like at the moment I’m just on oranges. I don’t think greens are a bad food. I think for some people they can be very necessary, but I also believe that for some people, if they’re getting good, really good quality fruit and they’re living in a nice environment and all the other factors they need for a healthy life are in place …

C: Stress-free, centred? 

A: ..yes, that they / you can live without greens. I’ve not found one thing that’s in greens that isn’t in fruit yet. It’s different quantities but then quality is so much. If you get a really good quality piece of fruit, that will likely have more minerals than a poor quality vegetable.

C: For sure. I know, for instance, oranges are super high in calcium. Watermelon I’ve heard, I don’t know of the numbers, but I’ve heard that they’re as high per calorie as spinach is. I totally agree the same thing. Myself I do eat greens because I like them but I think if I was in the tropics, around by fruit, I would barely eat greens.

A: Well, in Barlai (after staying there in Barlai for a time) the fruit there is just so fantastic. It’s grown in good soil. It’s not sprayed. It’s not grown in mono-culture and the thought that you’d look at a piece of green before you look at that fruit?!

C: For sure, I almost always go for the fruit. Tomatoes, what do you think of tomatoes, do you like them? 

A: Errm, I like them if they’re heirloom ..

C: Oh, the best. 

A: ..if they’re naturally grown. If they’re tasty, they’re good. They’ve never been a staple for me but you know I can really enjoy a good heirloom tomato, yes.

C: Cool. Now is there anything else you’d really like to leave us with or is there somewhere we can find you? You have an awesome book, what’s your book called? 

A: My book’s called Fruitarianism The Path To Paradise. It’s available on my website which is 

C: Awesome. Thank you so much. 

A: And the bottom line for me is good quality. Always get the best quality fruit you can. That’s really important.

C: When you take care of the quality, the quantity takes care of itself, right? (A classic Doug Graham quote :)) 

A: Yes, quality is important.

C: Beautiful. Anne’s such a lovely spirit. We had a dance party last night. You were bouncing around, loving it in the moment, flying around like an angel. 

A: Oh it was great. I loved it. Live music.

C: It’s really been a pleasure, Anne. I’m really, really thankful to get you on here. 

There you have it. The Raw Advantage and Anne Osborne. 

Thank you. Blessings, Anne.


As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. Great video: informative about the 100% fruit diet, short and straight to the point and also clever… but specially: lovely! Thank you Commander Criss Kendall, thank you Fruit Goddess Anne Osborne!

  2. To me, Ann doesn’t look healthy at all. She has very little muscle, looks very frail and almost skeletal. Eating only ripe fruit must play havoc with her Pancreas /Insulin. Not to mention Macro & micro nutrients.

    As an adult she is free to eat as she chooses, but the same can’t be said for her children, who have to rely on her guidance and protection and I would be concerned for their health on such an exclusive diet.

    1. Knowing Anne Personally I can say she gives every indication of being healthy and fit. Thinner than the average / societal norm for sure and personally I do recommend a greater variety of foods, including greens, veggies, seaweeds, nuts seeds, sprouts etc. That said a low fat fruit based diet is actually really good for the pancreas and insulin, if you haven’t checked out or their best selling NYT book by the same name I highly recommend it. Ive personally seen many diabetics reverse their condition for good on a fruit based diet, at times all fruit. Again I do personally reccomend a frugivorous approach with more variety than a strict fruitarian approach. With Kids, I know her son fairly well, he is bright and healthy, I do think he takes in more variety. Other raw vegan parents and kids I know that offer a well balanced raw approach are really healthy and doing great. I fully hear what your saying, myself I have more concern for the health of the standard child raised on fast food, animal products and processed “foods”.

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