Jet Lag – How to Beat Jet Lag

Have you ever went on a holiday just to find yourself completely wiped out for your first few days there?


How about coming home, does it take you a while to get back into the swing of things?

Traveling through and to different time zones can be really hard on our circadian rhythm, or our bodies natural cycles, due to shuffling those cycles up with time changes. This video and these specific tips to beat Jet Lag will really help to bring as much ease as possible to help you make that shift smoothly and with much less time loss.
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

This video is divided into three parts, Pre Flight, Day of the Flight, and Post Flight 🙂


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Pre Flight

1. Match your sleeping and eating schedule to destination time zone. 

Now of course if your flying half way across the world, or even 8 hours difference, you can not completely do this, but simply do your best to go to bed either a bit earlier or a bit later depending on which direction / time zones you are traveling to.

2. Get lots of sleep a few days before the flight

Making sure we are “topped” off with sleep before the trip will help to feel grounded balanced and well rested.

3. Hydrate hydrate hydrate, water and water rich fruits and veggies

Drink lots of pure clean water (I recommend Reverse Osmosis or Distilled) in the days coming up to the flight and eat tons of high water content food, i.e. simple fruit and vegetable meals.

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4. Book a overnight flight / arrive in daylight

When booking your flight try to get a overnight flight so you can simply sleep / try to sleep on the plane. This way you will likely arrive a bit tired, stay up that whole day and have a really good first nights sleep, this gets you into that time zone as quickly as possible. If you can not get a flight that is over night attempt to get one that arrives in the
morning or early afternoon.

Day Of the Flight!

1. Eat a water rich breakfast if your going to eat during the flight

A nice big green smoothie can really fit the bill, it can help you get well hydrated, topped off with loads of vitamins, antioxidants and alkaline minerals to relax and satiate.

2. If choosing to fast during the flight have a optional efa rich Breakfast

Nearly anyone can safely fast for 16 – 36 hours, baring diabetes / pre diabetes or any disease / cancer of the liver or kidneys. Best to get coaching / good quality info before partaking in a fast. If fasting one can still eat a big well food combined high carb and efa break fast before the flight to create a bit more ease.

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3. Bring a eyemask / ear plugs / warm sweater / pillow

Having these simple tools can really make getting rest on your flight a lot easier. Be sure your eye mask and ear plugs are comfortable and that your can fold up your sweater into a usable pillow. Most flights have a little blanket and pillow as well if you ask. Taking bright lights out of your eyes helps to shift your sleeping cycles, even a 30 minute sleep can bring about profound results when traveling.

4. Switch your time and dates on your watch and phone

Once your on the plane switch the times and dates so that you mentally start to shift to the new time zone.

5. Hydrate hydrate hydrate, water rich fruits and leafy greens

Drink lots of pure clean water (I recommend Reverse Osmosis or Distilled) in the morning and while on the flight and if your choosing to eat, fill up on high water content food, i.e. simple fruit and vegetable meals. Most airports have a juice bar / smoothie spot you can get fresh eats at perhaps a premium price.

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6. Get some light exersise and give some meditation / breathwork a try

Before during and after the flight stretch and breathe deeply and relaxed whenever possible. Simple yoga, such as a kendalini quickie yoga session, can be done in your seat or in between flights to help bring more blood flow and oxygenation to all of your cells. Bring a meditation audio, shut your eyes and slip in, anything to bring a more mindful breath, stress relief and some movement.

Post Flight 

1. Get outside in some sunlight, fresh air and exercise

Once you arrive at your destination try to go to a park, or at least a grassy spot with some tree’s and some sun. Breath in the fresh air, get some sun on your skin and enjoy some movement. Yoga, jogging, a brisk walk, anything that gets you moving, breathing and appreciating the outdoors will help a ton. 

2. Take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot on the earth or grass

As simple as that, grounding or barefoot walking on the grass or bare earth helps to restore our ionic balance. It really is amazing the science behind the exchange and connection we have to the earth, doing this simple barefoot practice can be a huge game changer and leave you feeling more balanced, grounded and rested. When grounding we release positive ions into the earth while the earth provides negative ions which help bring us into balance. This is a simplified view of the process, for more in depth check out the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?”

3. re-establish regular eating and sleeping patterns

When at your destination do your best to eat at your normal eating times, meaning if you generally eat breakfast at 9 or 10 am resume doing so at your destination.

I really hope all of these simple tips and tricks to prevent hat lag help you out when you travel. I have found they are complete game changers in beating jet lag!

Happy traveling and much 

As Always

Wishing You Much

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