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Farm of Life “Raw Food Ninja Master”

If you haven’t checked out my yearly Raw Food n Yoga Surf Adventure Retreats Oh My you really should!!!

They are nestled in at the Beautiful Farm of Life in Costa Rica every year, this video was from a 2011 retreat!

On to the Video!!!

Feeling Amazing coming off my fast I bounce excitedly showcasing jumping jacks and Ninja Kicks on the Rebounder!!

Rebounders are a amazing exercise tool combining aerobic activity with strength and fun! They can really help allot with Lymph drainage especially for people with tender joints as its easier on them than jogging or running, Unless perhaps you jog or run with proper technique. The bouncing action helps clear toxemia from the body as you exercise every cell with the constant resistance or g force in multiple directions. A perfect exercise to help detox and build healthy bones and joints! It has been said 15 minutes on a rebounder is like a half a hour Jogging, I cant substantiate this but do know it is a really amazing workout!

The exercises you could do are countless, in Washington with Dr Douglas Grahams Health and Fitness Week we did a entire exercise set using the rebounders without even jumping on them!!

Since my fast I have made a promise to myself that I would do at least between 3 – 5 minutes of activity / workout / play before eating any meals of sweet / juicy fruit. Working out before sweet meals simply helps with the uptake and absorption of the food we eat, effectively earning our meals or using up muscle glycogen making space for more to be absorbed. While a nice long or intense exercise session is great even a quick intense 5 minutes of alternate jumping jacks and pushups can really get your body pumping helping in many ways! Enjoy more micro workouts and you will find yourself extending them into longer ones here and there anyways! 🙂

With the intent to make a recipe for your viewing pleasure my plans were seemingly foiled by a consult in the kitchen at the Farm of Life. Queenie and her fabulous transformational day and bright disposition helped bring out some new creativity (bless you Queenie)! To the Fruit Ninja Master, Dubbed into English! 🙂

Sorry you will have to watch to hear the Dubbed English Ninja Movie 🙂

Todays Ninja Recipe!

Cool Tropics!


1 bunch Mint

3 big sweet Mangos

Tools Needed… Hands!

Dice all of the pineapple and place in a bowl, reserve hull/husk/shell/skin 🙂

Dice the cheeks/sides of 1 – 1 1/2 mangos in with the Pineapple

Place the rest of the mango in the blender, squeeze and “Rake” the pineapple remains into the blender getting all the juice and little bits 🙂

Place 1/2 of the mint in the blender and blend away to desired consistency!

Pour over top of the Cubes!

Dice remaining Mint and lightly sprinkle on top!


Enjoy this cool Tropical Treat!!! mmmmm

I really hope you enjoyed this video n recipe!!!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Awesome Bro! :0)

    Love your blogs!!
    Just picked up your Fricken Rawsome Ebook, I love it!
    Love your ways bro,
    Look forward to your next blog,
    Cool Tropics – PRIMO!

  2. This video made me laugh so much, Chris – and your energy is infectious! I happen to have all the ingredients on hand so off to go make some…. but not before I do a quick 10 minutes of exercise. Much love x

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