Sharing my Top 10 Most Popular Videos that you don’t want to miss from 2017 plus the most amazing times, events, and accomplishments I had as well as what to expect from 2018!

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TOP 10 Videos of 2017

1. Raw Cabbage Rolls

Authentic and tasty as can be, uses my secret technique to make raw veggies taste cooked!!

PS – There is also a Borsht recipe from this year that you will cry for as well 🙂

2. Falafel Balls 

Tastes like the real deal, crunchy on the outside soft and flavourful on the inside!

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3. Day in the Life / What I eat in a Day Pavones Costa Rica

Super fun day from a world class surf spot filmed in a unique style, crowd fave!

4. Shepherds Pie

Hearty and filling just like the original, this recipe could win over a lumberjack!

5. Confessions of a Raw Vegan of 12.5 years

Sharing with vulnerability and self love, hope it helps you on your health journey.

6. Potato Salad

Creamy and authentic this is a favourite at ever raw bbq I bring it to!

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7. Barley Grass Juice Powder is it the Best Green Powder?!

Going into green powders, what the bet is IMHO and the advantages and disadvantages!

8. Buffalo Ranch Wings w/ Caesar Dip

One of my personal favourites of the year, a perfect finger food using my secret softening technique to make the wings soft and juicy!

9. Lemon Rice Soup 

A family favourite and a big surprise as to how delicious and filling it is!

10. B12 Deficiency is it a Joke?

Going deep into this more serious subject with science and experience to help you find ease around this controversial nutrient!

Events from 2017 / going into 2018

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