Woodstock Fruit Festival Day 7, Last Day Of Week One!!

Enjoy the final day of week one at The Woodstock Fruit festival in banana commander vision!

Tidbits, behind the scenes, and more, feel like you were there!

Have you ever tried a Monstera Deliciosa (also known as the fruit salad plant)?  Check it out as get to taste this treat and Ashley tries it for the very first time!  She’s a wee bit nervous at first, but watch to see what she thinks once she gives it a try 🙂

I can’t say enough about how awesome the Woodstock Fruit Festival is!  Burger night, water sports, massages, FOOD, and sooooo much more.  Love it!!!  It was sad to see week one come to an end but stay tuned, there’s more – WEEK TWO!! 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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