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How to Stop Emotional Eating, Endless Detox Paranoia and More! Interviewed by Aga in America

Blessed to share a super in-depth interview with a focus on how to stop emotional eating and many other major hot topics in the raw food and health community on my new friend Aga’s popular youtube channel “Aga in America”!

Honestly, if I could get everyone to watch one video that I’m interviewed in this would be it!

Hope it helps, watch and share with those you love ??

Thanks so much to Aga for the connection and awesome conversation.

In this interview, amongst many other controversial topics, Aga and I go deep into the topic of

How to Stop Emotional Eating, which is fairly often either the number one or two reason that people can have difficulties maintaining a healthy raw vegan lifestyle.

We specifically dive into some of the best methods to find peace and ease around this roadblock to conscious eating that can throw so many people off track from their health goals. Once we start to realize that emotional eating is something we have had ingrained into us since birth, that it’s both nurture and nature that have formed these habits, we can start to heal, accept and grow through our old patterns. We go into the best method of moving away from old habits into new habits that truly serve our needs and actually create more lasting happiness and positive motivation in our lives.

Check out this post on “Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, and Finding Peace and Ease” for more on this important topic. 

We also dig into the often misunderstood and widely misinformed realities of detoxification, the oversimplification many people promote, and how a hyper-focus on purity can actually create disordered eating patterns and harm. In the last few years with the popularity of raw foods, I have seen far too many people run into issues due to an imbalanced approach or self-defeating perspective on raw food and health creation. While there is lots of great information out there, there is also lots of misinformation and well-meaning oversimplification.

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How to Stop Emotional Eating

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I really hope this video helps you find increased confidence, and ease and streamlines success with your health journey.

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