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Live in consult with Steve Berra

Join me on my live in consult with pro skateboarder Steve Berra aiming to help him with his holistic raw vegan lifestyle!
Check the video here! I hope you enjoy it!

I am staying with pro skateboarder Steve Berra up in the hills of Los Feliz helping him implement the 100% raw vegan diet while incorporating other healthful lifestyle factors. Originally scheduled for 1 month Steve says I best be prepared to possible stay 4 – 6 months!

I feel truly blessed as connecting and skating with Steve  at the berrics has been amazing and I know that this exposure will help me to reach many more people with the message of optimal health.

Most of the day is spent at “the berrics” office, the most popular skateboard media website on earth today. Steve is the co owner of  the Berrics skate park as well as the brain behind the popular website. Much of his days are spent in meetings, practicing skating and now enjoying tons of fresh ripe raw organic vegan fare. We have tons of produce both at the office as well as at Steve’s house.

I have a sweet set up at the office for making breakfast lunch and snack for about 10 of us (plus some common visitors) and serving full time meals for 5 – 8 of us on any given day. Its been a great n busy time filled with buying, stocking, prepping, enjoying the fruits of my labor :), explaining and going over raw nutrition info, cleaning and getting to my own emails online consults and questions. On average we have been going through 16 – 20 liters of smoothie a day plus bowl after bowl of the veggie dish or two of the day.

While here battle of the Berrics 3 is going on, a head to head match of flat ground skate between the best of the best in pro skateboarding today. The Berrics itself has tons of free videos and will be featuring the battle soon!

Hope you really enjoy the video, more to come n a recipe in the next video!

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As Always

Wishing You Much

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  1. way to go chris…im soo stoked on your progress. man thats awesome. youre obviously having a blast. man im having a bbq tomorrow with a whole bunch of local heads, should be fun. i just painted my ramp too. ill post a pic on facebook for you to see. have fun at the berrics dude..soo stoked later ..schlent

  2. That’s SO crazy and amazing that you’ve hooked up with all the pro SK8rs down in LA. Amazing work bro. You’re doing the world a heap of good 🙂 Keep up the good work and I look forward to more videos soon.

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