Getting Raw in Saskatoon!

Mega new Saskatoon Video is done! Holy mango is it jam packed!

Just a reminder, If you wish to get any package deals or with the new T-shirts for xmas order now!!!

Hurry up and Buy! ahahahah

Any-who, hope you love the video it begs the question

“Whats a Weena” ? do you know?

Where to start, holy banana, I just don’t know.

This vid blog is so filled to the brim I think I will just give a really quick synopsis.

Apple foraging in toon with my niece Alijah, so sweet we got over 50 lb’s of sweet apples!

Pumpkin carving is great, together with my niece n nephew we carved some sweet jack-o-lanterns. I love the taste or pumpkin, When hollowing it out you can scrape the sides for some really good “Pumpkin pasta” it already comes in shreds. We had some pumpkin pad thai for halloween! 🙂

Going out with the fam for the holiday was really great, all dressed up with somewhere to go! Later that night I went with Dionne to my Friend Jason and Trena Belhumer’s wedding! It was masquerade style wedding full on with tattoo’s being given at the after party! So much fun I am sure it comes through in the video.

During my stay in toon I went to my good friend Cory’s house for some fun, exercise and feasting 🙂 He along with his wife own a sweet shop all geared toward consciously eco lifestyles and living. Amazing products, clothing books and more check them out at

My friend Deanna Litz of and I presented “beyond banana’s” a workshop / food demo all about the benefits of sweet fruit and adding more fresh raw ripe fruits and vegetables to your life. It went really great, didn’t get any footage, sorry, much more to come!

The day after the workshop I went to a kindergarten class with a bunch of fruits, smoothie and easy recipes. Together we sang danced played and talked about our favorite fruits and why they are so good. It was really a joy, love talking to kids!

Excerpts from “family day fun” video look out this one is x rated!

2nd to last the video showcases a bunch of new recipes for my new upcoming bookTRA Retreat Treats” 🙂

While home I got some Bodytalk from my good friend Dionne Bihari. When you combine the Wisdom of Ancient Yoga, Quantum Physics, the Energy Dynamics of Acupuncture, the Clinical Findings of Applied Kinesiology, Western Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology you get BodyTalk. Love it!

Last but not least i bring you some quick weight training workouts along with some heavy bag hits!

Enjoy it all!



As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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