Grow in Motivation

Good Day all 🙂

It seems many of us have a hard time keeping motivation up, at least when it comes to improving our health.

I know I really used to!

All throughout my teens and early 20’s I would be really motivated, for a while, and then when times got tough, or peer pressure set in I would give up on my ideals. When I first went raw I really was focused on my athletic ability, that was my motivation. Sure I wanted to feel better and be healthier in general but sk8ing more and better was my biggest motivator.

One of the most amazing things is, when you start to improve your health, everything else in your life begins to perk up too. The experiences I went through became their own motivation. When at first I was focused on my sk8ing, soon I noticed my optimism increased, I began to feel lighter and more positive about my life and out look than ever. Next I started to notice that I really loved to move around, exercise and play. In fact I would get bummed out just like a little kid if I didn’t get my fun time in!

After a while I forgot, or rather stopped dwelling on the things I “thought” I was missing out on and started to really enjoy all that I was gaining. Namely, better sleep, more energy, no body odor, more optimism, feeling more spiritually connected, enjoying clearer thinking, not having sick days, having more sweetness in my life, having improved digestion and bathroom ease, finding ease in food choices, not feeling bloated or grossly full and tired after eating, having pain free joints, clearer skin, being a better role model, and many other factors. Its amazing but when you focus on the positive changes, and what you have to gain motivation simply grows. I don’t know exactly why or how each of you found yourself on the path towards the raw diet, and improved lifestyle factors but I do know the more you walk the path, the more reasons and opportunities for growth and motivation that will arise. That in itself can be a great motivator.

Today I don’t really even feel I need motivation, the raw lifestyle itself is so rewarding change promoting and uplifting that it in itself is its own motivator. I love feeling great, not just ok. I love knowing I am doing the best I can for the environment. I love treating myself like the temple I know I am. I love knowing that No animals need be harmed to satisfy my taste buds. I love knowing that I am actively creating the future I want to live in. I love seeing those around me grow in their own health and love of self. I love greeting the day and the challenges we are presented with optimism and lust for growth. I love being physically active as well as getting rest when I know I need it. I love the ease of eating fresh ripe raw foods and not needing to have heavy prep or messy dishes. I love having fresh breath clothing and thoughts. I love continually growing in compassion and love of all around me. I love letting go of past inhibiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.I love supporting others with common interests. I love feeling fulfilled and not constantly searching for another stimulation. I love sharing the best of myself with others, not getting tied up in my worries. I love dealing with my emotions and challenges, not having them deal with me. I love helping others, even if just a little. I love contributing to A brighter future. I love giving back to a world that has given me so much. I love knowing I will be around to see my nieces and nephews have kids, and their kids have more kids and so on. I love knowing I will be able to help others for a long time to come. I love knowing I have a impact. I love sharing nutritious food and energy with those I love. I love feeling myself get younger every day. I love seeing the spark of God in everyone and everything. I love learning from my mistakes instead of reliving them. I love having my priorities shift to the greater good. I love living my dream. I love waking up with energy and desire to get up. I love knowing I am doing the best I can for myself. I love sharing and seeing others love. I love to put my highest needs first and not worry about what others think. I love growing.

There came a time where I realized I was slowly killing myself on many levels, that my priorities weren’t for my highest self and that I started to really not like who I was becoming.

I remember really being in a place where I Hated myself, where I wished most for a end.

Today what I love most, is that I really love myself and love living and striving for my fullest potential.

I hope you all can find a few things that you love 🙂  

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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    1. Thanks much, i am glad you enjoyed it and found use. For sure feel free to repost it on your blog with the backlink 🙂 i would love to see your blog aswell, whats the url?
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  2. I like that you separate fate from destiny. There is something to be said for trying to account for the idea that we can sometimes fail to fulfill our destiny.

  3. Good work! Thank you very much! I always wanted to write in my blog something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog? Of course, I will add backlink?

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