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I hope you are enjoying the first bits of fall, I always find the change of colors, smells, and tastes exciting!

California organic mango’s are in season, the only true raw mango I have found available in central Canada and divine they are!!! You can find them in some health food stores and at Safeway. One of my favorites, Persimmons, are just around the corner! If you haven’t tried them out get ready for the orange colored, tomato looking, pumpkin pie filling tasting treats to appear soon 🙂

On to the post

I have noticed many people are interested in the subject of motivation, or staying motivated on a raw food regime or new workout plan. Its all too common for many people to start with lots of enthusiasm but then a few days or weeks in have their interest and motivation wane. A constant  I have found with successful raw foodists is that they are always growing in their reasons to be and stay raw. On small tip that has a huge pay off is quite simple, Try making a list. Make a few lists, some to post up where you will see them often, by your bed, on the fridge, in your car, at your work, another to carry with you. List every reason you could have to improve your lifestyle, and really feel them, nothing is too silly, if its your reason its true to you.

There are many positive reasons for improving your diet and exercise program on a personal level, family/friends level, and community or planet wide scale. Of course we can all see some of the personal implications, improved health and fitness, productivity, energy levels, positivity, endurance, clarity of thought, resistance to colds and disease, building confidence ect. make your own and continually add to it.

On a family/friends level its amazing to see how much one person can impact others and spread the benefits around. Never underestimate how much you can help others with your being, just by simply trying and striving to be the best you can be. I have seen within my own circle of family and friends so many positive changes and a genuine increased desire for the true wealth of health. All the time I hear about friends of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends of friends, and their families having started increasing fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables and exercise. Its really amazing, everyone knows they can improve their game, everyone wants to, sometimes all it takes is seeing others looking up, striving for their best while wearing a smile to give them that start. What each of us does makes more impact than you can imagine.

Did you know that per consumer meat production is one of the single largest cause of greenhouse gasses, higher by double than the impact of driving fossil fuel vehicles your who life. The energy needs for one person cooking in a lifetime creates more greenhouse gasses than that of driving as well. Organic farming practices maintain and heal top soil and the earth, while conventional practices beat it down. Imagine the impact on the health of the planet if one by one we started to live in balance with nature rather than thwarting and raping our earth all in the name of “more” “faster” and “better”.

Do You have a soft spot for animals? Treating animals with the respect and love they deserve raises our vibration to that of compassion love and equality. Each life is sacred, from the biggest mammal to the smallest bug to a 100 foot sequoia. Every living thing strives to live, its in our makeup, we all have feelings, know and desire love, have parents, even trees :). We share this planet with more life than we know and our actions have more impact than we realize. What are we passing on to our youth? Are we going to pass the buck? Will we each realize its up to us?

Follow your heart, we all wish to live better, we all wish to be a good example, we all wish to show more love and in turn receive more love, It all starts with You! Live your life in your truest expression, find and meditate on the reasons for you to strive to where you want to get and start implementing the changes needed to get there. We all have everything we need in the moment, drop the fear and tap the well of love in your heart.

Hope you have fun writing and building your personal list 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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