Jack attack, Raw Gourmet n a Sunset

Got another bit of a hodgepodge here for you jam packed with much fun in the sun as well as a sweet raw recipe for jah!
hope you enjoy it much!!

So we start of todays video with Jack attacking some mango and me enjoying a breakfast of cherimoya, apple bananas and a sweet sapote 🙂 Afterwards the whole family (Pat Sarah, Jack n I) head out to suck up the cali sun, feed some birds some birdyfood (bread), n hit the beach, While the Well’s find some shells, a crab, and enjoy the water, i get some kundalini yoga in 🙂

Considered the king of all yoga’s Kundalini incorporates breath work that flows with poses and movement, chanting, and mediation for the purpose of preparing the body and mind for the rise of kundalini energy or a spiritual awakening. Practice increases the flow of the vital energies of the chakra system facilitating a upward movement of chakra energy from the base of the spine up through the chakras to the crown chakra or top of the head. It is said in Yogic literature that the arousing of kundalini the one and only way of attaining Divine Wisdom. The awakening of the Kundalini shows itself as “awakening of inner knowledge” and brings with itself pure joy, pure knowledge and pure love. A spiritual practice not to be taken lightly, beginning this practice is always recommended with caution, study, and awareness. In order to be able to integrate this spiritual energy, careful purification (the raw diet, and meditation), strengthening of the body and nervous system (yoga, exercise, breath practices, strength work) are required beforehand. More on Kundalini in the future 🙂

On a venture to meet another raw foodie, i happened upon a nice little eco friendly clothing store in between venice and Santa Monica. Filled with many cool t-shirts, shoes, candles, even recycled material boom box’s! Check the video for a better account! I also went to a sweet raw food potluck out here, met up with some kindred spirits, enjoyed some sweetness, good conversation and great vibes. Looking forward to the next one and i promise to film some of the awesomeness for you!

There are many raw gourmet restaurants out here in California with more popping up all over the world. Most often the main fair is quite heavy in fatty dressings, salt, pungent spices and other ingredients I personally wouldn’t recommend for optimal health. I have heard the term “hollywood raw” a few times, this mostly pertains to complex high fat recipes that are made to imitate cooked food. Most often they are quite expense and in my experience have left me thirsty, unsatisfied and bring about cravings for cooked foods. I realize these can be great as transitional foods for new raw fooders or as social foods/ treats for special occasions, but i still prefer the fresh sweet and quenching tastes provided straight from mother nature. Time and time again I find that the longer a person goes raw the simpler and simpler they prefer their diet to be. Enjoy wherever you are at, try everything, feel it out and pay close attention to what makes you tick, the only constant is change 🙂

A trip to whole foods found me in a raw food section. Filled with bagged, bottled, and boxed, dehydrated nuts seeds seaweeds ferments chips, dips and much more! Im sure at one time I would have gone ducky for all the raw “junk food” but in truth now I feel its a stretch to consider this food raw. Once again for sure its a improvement form typical “junk food” and has its place, but imho your kidding yourself if you think its optimal or near par with the true health foods, fresh ripe raw fruits and vegetables. I feel truly blessed to have found Dr Doug Graham in the beginning of my Raw journey, his wisdom and help helped me avoid so many detours and much misinformation in the raw movement. I cant recommend highly enough his book “the 80/10/10 diet”.

Back at the house I enjoyed some multitasking by getting some sun, rebounding on a mini trampoline and enjoying a talk on skype all at once! Rebounders are a great way to gently increase joint strength, facilitate lymphatic drainage, improve digestion, increase circulation, and improve your cardiovascular system all while having fun. Rebounding advocates say 15 minutes a day yields huge results, give it a try and see if it fits your vibe.

My hosts and I made a great creamy coleslaw.

Creamy orange avocado coleslaw

1 bunch organic celery chopped,

1/2 a head green cabbage chopped,

1 avocado mashed,

and the juice of 1 navel orange.

Mix all well and enjoy this sweet treat!!

Hope you enjoy it!
PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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