Water Fasting Day 3

Into day three of my water fast at the farm of life!!!!

Hope you enjoy it much!!

Whew… with day three comes more info on why someone may fast as well as going deeper into Why I am fasting.

There is so many reasons for fasting, physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual, as well as in conjunction with a chronic or a serious acute medical condition all can be vastly helped. Fasting Free’s up a ton of nerve energy as well as enzymatic function to be redirected to cleaning up/detoxifying and the rebuilding our tissues as well as self healing. The process of Catabolism, or the break down of many types of tissues (including fat deposits, abscesses, dead and dying cells, bumps and protuberances, damaged tissue, calluses, small skin abscesses/boils, morbid accumulations, growths, and amazingly, various kinds of abnormal growths of tissue, or tumors), and Anabolism or the rebuilding of tissue is constantly going on within our bodies. When we fast or eat simply, much nerve energy as well as enzymes (the catalyst to many bodily functions and processes) are able to be diverted to these process’s. Anabolism is powered by Catabolism (also see Autolyze, or self digest), where large molecules are broken down into smaller parts and then used to build up new and existing tissues and organs.

Its interesting to note we have a “amino acid pool” that we can draw from during fasting as well as in regular living. For instance if we fast or eat in such a way that for a time some of  our essential amino acids aren’t taken in those amino acids can be taken from our “amino acid pool” derived from catabolism completing amino acid chains to make up protein structures in our body. With this breakdown any minerals that are still viable may also be reused in building new tissues, our bodies are like nature itself the original recyclers. This is in part why people in the ICU or trauma ward in a hospital people aren’t given protein and minerals when they are in the worst of worst conditions, they are given sugar, water and sodium. When we are in a place where we cant physically eat, our body can take care of its nutrient needs with the above process’s and stores while streamlining and increasing our healing capacity.

Digestion really takes up a lot of energy, on a standard American diet the average can take up to between 40 – 60 % of total blood flow, This is huge!! Even on a simple low fat raw vegan diet digestion can on average take up to between 20 – 30 % of your total blood flow. Some factors to look at are total Digestive time as well as the total Digestive chemistry needed for any given meal, the lower and shorter we can be in both these category’s the less digestive energy used. Digestion is the most taxing process that many people undertake, eating a poorly combined meal with animal products included can create more work for the body than going for a long intense jog! Of course the amount of blood flow  and digestive chemistry is dependent upon a wide range of factors. Some being:

a) The total size of the meal, the bigger and more complex the meal is the more blood flow and time needed.

b) How the meal was combined, with poor food combining there is increased blood flow. With mono meals, fruit and simple well combined meals even if large  there is much much less time, enzymes requirements as well as chemistry needed for digestion.

c) How hydrated you are, the more optimally hydrated ( 8 – 12 times to the bathroom a day, nice and clear) the better quality of digestion with the least digestive effort.

d) Your emotional state while eating, if you are emotionally charged before, during or after your meal digestion may take a back seat in energy and blood flow increasing the time it will take, digestive chemistry thereby increasing fermentation blood flow needed and toxemia.

To free up the maximum amount of nerve energy as well as enzymes for bodily processed we want our digestion to be as simple as possible both in chemistry and time. Large well combined meals of well combined fruits and veggies while being low in fat afford us the best possible scenario freeing up a abundance of nerve energy and enzymes for all manner of functions. I go over food combining as well as sequential eating, providing tons of recipes like this in my “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes”  available by donation here 🙂

Of course fasting free’s up all of the digestive organs to redirect energy to a multitude of other functions.

Another really interesting fact about day three, it is the last day in general that one is living off of or using up intestinal reserves. Between the bowel and the intestines it take on average 3 full days of fasting to go through, absorb and utilize the foodstuffs and bacterial products/wastes in these organs. So in actuality technically during these first 3 days the body isn’t in full fast mode. It is after this time that deeper cleansing in the form of Catabolism, once again always going on just heightened in all stages of a fast and especially after day 3 on average, and with that Anabolism.

Both with fasting as well as with any habit change the first 3 days are the hardest! I used to smoke cigarettes, in fact I started in grade 4!! Habit changes can take time but it really brings much strength in knowing that the first 3 days are often the hardest and if you can get through that often you have made it through the gauntlet! The biggest obstacle to changing a habit is really if you really want to change the habit. You may feel you should, or have reasons why you want to, but until you really want to change on all levels it will be but a temporary shift. Sometimes it takes a few of these to grow in reasons, experience and need to change our habits. Most of our toxemia is stored in fat tissues, while a bunch will be stirred up in the clearing of our intestines and colon, after day 3 we get into deep stored toxemia which can be smooth for some as well as turbulent for others. Fasting also enhances all of our senses including out intuition, sight, hearing, smell and taste bringing us closer to our natural state. One thing for sure is Fasting provides us with a opportunity to delve within ourselves, our habits, beliefs and thoughts to reevaluate shifting our perspective and if we are ready changing our habits. A blessed transformative process and opportunity!

I have personally been guided to fasting intuitively for over 12 years! Having underwent a bunch of fasts of varying duration’s myself I have experienced the benefits and growth inherent in such a process. Over a year and a half ago I felt guided to take a fast feeling increased need for sleep as well as increased physical and mental stress accompanied by a comparative lack of motivation. This was during the time when I had just completed “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes” , was going through some emotional times as well as being very busy with consults, growing my website as well as under sleeping. While I felt a fast could really help me at this time I didn’t feel that it was a option given my workload as well as time schedule. Within a few weeks of increasing my sleeping and eating simple mono meals (my compromise to fasting which really helped) I got thrown into nearly double the workload as well as traveling for over a year straight doing live in consultations and other consults full time. I love love love the flow of what I do but must admit in that time and place it was for sure a fast growth as well as a challenge at times, forged in fire!! Love it!

Growing in loving service, putting others needs often in-front of my own I felt a increased desire to fast. All that time I also started developing tasting and testing my “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes” ( coming soon I promise!!). While I know without a doubt these recipes are much simpler in both digestive demands as well as lower in fat, irritants, and questionable ingredients compared to regular raw gourmet, for me coming from a really simple hygienic 80/10/10 flow I have found some cumulative effects. For most people who already follow a simple raw diet I would recommend the bulk of these recipes as a occasional dish, for celebrations and transition on average no more than once a week or month for the higher level “Cravings Busters” with some simpler “cravings busters” being simple enough to eat with more frequency. For those just moving into raw food more frequency on any dishes will be great as comparatively to their norm they will be very simple. The frequency is a personal process dependent upon where each individual is at in their own journey as well as their digestive and physical realities in the moment. For me during in that time with my recipe testing, potlucks, retreats, working chefing at the farm of life, consulting and creating all manner of celebrations I found myself at times eating these meals and even the heaviest of them all 1 – 6 days in any given week. I must admit this has produced some physical and emotional stress at times as a large part of me wishes to eat very simply mostly of mono meals to feel my higher connection and lightness instead of being blanketed by heavier physical feelings or incumbent emotion. All of this increased my desire and perceived need to fast. This new book has really been a labour of love, a conscious creation that has had me flowing through some trials so I can better help others on their raw health journeys. Many lessons learnt, much growth incurred in my physical emotional and spiritual realms.

To the perfection of the process in all!!

Flowing at the end of my video with some sneak peaks into the morning sun gazing vortex as well as the meditation platform with the amazing Lisa! Two practices I will get into with you in a later post!!!

Hope you found this video insightful helpful and interesting,




As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Lovely videos, looks beautiful there, you already are looking so clean and vibrant and relaxed, will be a wonderful fast!!! 🙂

    Question: Can you do longer fasts there, like 40 days?

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