John Kohlers Top Tips For Growing your Own Greens

I’m takin’ us back today to the warm sunny summer days of the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2013!  

I snagged this sweet interview with John Kohler where he shares his top tips for growing your own greens.

Check it out and get growing!!

This is such an easy important topic and John shares his views on just how easy and health-boosting it can be to grow your own greens!

John has been growing his own greens for over 18 years now, he came to a raw vegan diet from a place of needing to save his own health. Since turning to raw foods and learning to growing his own food he has made it his mission to share this life-changing info as well as his top tips for growing your own greens in every way he can! 

 You can get even more info from John on his website – okraw.com, growingyourgreens.com and discountjuicers.com

Check out this other video I did with John

Greens vs green Juice vs green Powders

I hope it brings extra clarity around the value of all three of these amazing ways to get more greens in!

As Always

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  1. John I saw your youtube video about the cops raiding your house! Are you familular with U.N.agenda 21? They seek to establish a post-modern/post-industrial world by 2050 with a 90% population reduction! Doing away with gardening is one of their objectives! They want the common folk to have no access to private food & everyone eating in "communal-dining halls" with the state controlliing all rations & portions, keeping all in a constant state of hunger & malnutrition! Even hunting/fishing/wild food gathering will be illegal! Picking a tomato on a vacant lot illegal! You know vegetable gardens are being attacked & this is only the beginning! BTW a neo-vegan diet with insects as the main animal porotein, no more meat/eggs/fish/dairy! These folk behind this are serious! Also they plan to move everyone into the cities!

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