The Official Woodstock Fruit Festival Video 2015

I feel so blessed to be a part of the Love, Growth and Expansiveness that is The Woodstock Fruit Festival!
Each and every year it gets more and more amazing, this year was to be the last but the community spoke, the community came together and said


Witness some of the amazingness from the 2015 Woodstock Fruit Festival as Beautifully captured by Raini Ostler Pachak for the Official 2015 Woodstock Fruit Festival Video!
ps. your going to want to check out more of Raini’s videos, click the YouTube link 🙂

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is simply the most amazing gathering on earth. It’s been described as heaven, home, paradise, etc. It truly is an example of what is possible as far as humanity’s ability to live in peace.
Year after year we grow with it in community, knowledge and most important of all Love and compassion for Self, Each other and all life on the planet.

Life long friendships, relationships and bonds are created, new perspectives, helpful tips and practices shared. If you want to grow in love with the raw food lifestyle this is the event for you!
Early bird signups get a discounted price, the event is capped at 500ish attendees and well over half way there, sign up now before you can’t if you want to enjoy the August 2016 Woodstock Fruit Festival with all of us!
Sign Up for the 2016 Woodstock Fruit Festival Here

Excited to see you there!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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