Pre TRA Mexico Retreat Madness

I’m excited to be Sharing the First few days Before the TRA “Gateway to the Golden Age” Raw Culinary Skills retreat at Casa Axis Mundi in December of 2012. This awesome retreat was Co-hosted by the wonderful Megan Elizabeth Check the video below to Catch a peek at the lead up, challenges and adventures along the way!

I did a TON of skating – checked out a local skate park, and also tried Chocolate Pudding Fruit (Black Sapote) for the first time.  It really does taste like chocolate pudding!!!

black sapote

And now!!  The 2013 retreat is set and we’ve opened it up for reservations!!  Learn more about the 2013 Mexico “Raw food n Yoga” retreat this Nov 30th – it’s going to be such an awesome time!!  It’s going to be at Casa Axis Mundi again – weeee!

Raw Food Yoga Retreat Mexico

I am so so so excited to give you this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Raw lifestyle while enjoying such awesome activities, learning about hygienic lifestyle factors and sucking in all that Mexico, Beate, Paul and Myself Have to offer!! From endless Local Whole Fresh Raw Ripe Organic Fruits and Vegetables to delicious 80/10/10 style cuisine from my 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes to the option of a few Low Fat Raw Gourmet Dinners from my “TRA Retreat Treats Book” – free with the retreat!

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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