Water Fasting day 10!

Getting into Water Fasting Day 10 in Costa Rica with a really special announcement!!! 🙂

SO so so so excited!!!

Check it out to see!!

Starting off with abundance and joy, as we all have or rather are!

Day 10 I awoke feeling clear and great, well barely can say that I awoke as I didn’t sleep much over the night. It was a eve of excitement, of bliss and thoughts of creation. Planning all I wish to create over the next months and years! From “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes” ( I wrote out over 200 Recipes) to Improving my site, content videos, creating many new books I have brainstormed. I am so excited to create and improve content recipes and tips that can help people achieve their health and fitness goals.
SO much on the go, enjoying making it all grow!

Big announcement, Nicci Gafen (AKA “Miss Organic” the owner n brains behind the best Organic produce distribution in Melbourne Australia) and I are teaming up for a cross Australia Speaking, workshop, retreat extravaganza!!! I will be going out to Australia come this October (their spring) for a few months spreading the raw vibes all over OZ!! Love it!!

Thanks so so much Miss O for everything, feeling really blessed and excited more announcements on this as we create the Schedule and events!!!

To check her rawsome site out, great tips, recipes and of course Organic Produce Orders Go Here!

All in cycles, feeling really great, blissful in fact, but who knows around the corner could be a deeper pocket to clean out.

Almost feel like its a good time to break the fast, but am going to ride it out and see what comes up.

Time floating by, enjoying the clouds in the sky.


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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