Raw Vegan Transformation with Wynter Griffing

While at Raw Food Central I had the opportunity to Talk with and Interview Wynter Griffing on his Transformation and life as a Raw Foodist!

Being Born as 100% raw vegan, then experimenting in his teen years before coming back gave him some really neat perspectives and helpful realizations and tips that could help anyone.

Wynter is a huge part of Raw Food Central, an amazing center at 83 White Oak Drive
in Berlin, Connecticut, where Together with his Dad and younger Brother Windsor they put on raw food classes, coaching, food demos, un-cooking classes, special guest speakers and more!!

Check them out for a variety of raw food goods and services! 🙂

Peep the video, I love hearing Wynter’s story because it rings true for so so so many people I’ve known and maybe even you!  He lost 60 pounds getting back on a raw food diet, he has tips and advice for college students trying to live the raw lifestyle and he has spent time on both sides of the coin – raw and not so his advice and experience truly comes from an honest real perspective!



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