New Years Resolutions?

Happy day everyone, the first day of 2010!

Where does this bring you?  Have you made a resolution?  Have you stuck to it on day 1?

Do you feel that resolutions are destined to fail or are simply a silly endeavour?

Whats your attitude surrounding resolutions and implementing change? Do you believe you can do anything you wish, or do you feel pulled by the tide of emotional and physical temptation? Are you conscious of your own inner talk surrounding all of these matters?

Enough of the 20 questions how about some light shed on the resolution game? hahah I think you will find this quite helpful.

I used to make resolutions in a different way than I do now, with hindsight it seems that I made it much harder on myself than necessary. In my first year of going raw I remember thinking “I cant ever eat pizza again” , “I will not eat cooked food ever again” and so on and so forth. Naturally this brought up resistance in my mind and body feeding seeds of doubt, sadness, and a disempowering sense of loss. Who hasn’t been told “you cant do this…… or that” only to have a growing desire to rebel directly against this statement and the negative energy behind it? In a wonderful book “Conversations with God” I have read “what you resist persists” this is a powerful truth. This truth is evident both within physical emotional and mental realms.

Back to your inner talk, how you word and think about the changes you implement so will they be hindered or helped. While I used to think “I cant ever eat cooked food again” I now find it much more helpful to think instead “I eat food that serves my highest self”. Another example may be “I can eat anything I want but I choose the best because I deserve it every time”. Take the positive spin and know you can indeed “eat” or “do” whatever you want at anytime while striving to make the best choice your priority. When making change realize nothing need be forever, feel empowered with the desire to serve your highest self instead of laying dogmatic rules. As I have stated before Everything is Choice. We decide moment to moment who we are in relation to who we wish to become.

I still make resolutions, only now I consciously know that I do not wish to build a wall of resistance. Its much more useful to state desires and changes in a positive empowering way and build upon reasons for upholding these new habits or changes. Refer to the post “grow in reasons” and “grow in motivation” for Ideas and inspiration 🙂

While this may seem too easy and simple it really works for anything and can have a profound effect. Wether your starting a raw or improved diet, making exercise or sleep a higher priority, striving to deepen your relationships or anything else, your way of thinking directly dictates your probability of success. Once you implement change watch your inner thoughts, they can attempt to trip you up and trick you. Seek to see if they come from a place of love or fear, or if they feel empowering or disempowering. Whenever you find yourself doubting, or start to mentally make reasons for giving up, choose to see, feel, and accept that desire for what it is and let it go, this way it will soon let go of you. If you find yourself slipping from your “ideal” pick yourself up and start over, change is wrought with pitfalls and slips be easy with yourself. Its most often in our slips that we truly learn the value and deepen our reasons for our new “change”.

Over the past 6 years I have attempted to stomp out my past indulgence of drinking alcohol with varying success. A few months here 8 months there, drinking lots for a few months then dry again for a time. Always I slipped back when my guard was down, when temptation became too great, or when times seemed too tough. With each year the desire became less and less and my reasons for dropping the habit grew. Last year I again made the yearly resolution, during the year it simply became a choice, and a easy one at that. Now one full year later without a drop I felt no need to make a resolution but feel empowered to simply continue with my choice.

No matter what change or habit you are trying to make or break I wish you the best and hope this little blog post helps 🙂

Happy new years and all the best to you and yours 🙂

Enjoy Much

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As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. I did resolutions last year. I once found comfort in having goals for myself. I no longer do. Instead, I now try to be my best self every day and be as kind and compassionate as I can be. I don’t have a resolution for the year. I got resolutions for my lifetime.


  2. I just finished this really really cool game for wii called Murumasa. It’s a samurai game and Japanese.
    In it you revive your life flame with Persimmions, mandarins peaches and herbs.

    1. hahah I love the sounds of that n will have to try it out. I know i could forever revive my life flame on all those. Im almost out of one of my fave, persimmons!!! Already I am excited for next season ahah

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