The Best Bubble Gum Nice Cream Recipe

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Why Nice Cream?

Choosing a fruit-based raw vegan ice cream aka Nice Cream like this bubble gum nice cream recipe isn’t only delicious it also offers a wide range of health, ethical, and ecological benefits.

First and foremost, because Dairy is Scary, check that video on YouTube as well as to grow in the reasons to embrace the vegan lifestyle and delicious cruelty-free recipes like this!

Choosing a fruit-based raw vegan nice cream is an ethical choice as it eliminates the perceived need for animal products and all the cruelty surrounding the animal agricultural industry. By consuming a plant-based diet, we can reduce animal suffering and help protect the environment. The dairy industry, in particular, has been linked to various ethical concerns, including animal cruelty, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation.

Secondly, fruit-based raw vegan nice cream is typically made from whole, unprocessed ingredients, such as fruit, nuts, and sometimes raw coconut milk. These whole food ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, essential for maintaining good health and high energy levels. In contrast, traditional ice cream is often made from pasteurized dairy and contains added sugars, which can contribute to inflammation, poor digestion, lethargy, and various health problems.

Thirdly, choosing a fruit-based raw vegan nice cream has some major ecological benefits. A plant-based diet has been shown to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than a diet based on animal products. This is because animal agriculture requires large amounts of land, water, and resources, which can contribute to deforestation, water pollution, and soil erosion. In contrast, fruits and other plant-based ingredients require fewer resources to grow and produce, fruit crops create topsoil and habitat as well as oxygen, making them a far more sustainable choice.

Finally, fruit-based raw vegan ice cream is a delicious and refreshing treat that can be enjoyed guilt-free. With a wide range of fresh whole-food flavors and ingredients, finding a recipe that suits your tastes and dietary needs is easy.

In summary, choosing a fruit-based raw vegan nice cream can offer various health, ethical, and ecological benefits. Opting for whole, plant-based ingredients can promote good health, reduce animal suffering, and help protect the environment. And best of all, we can do all of this while enjoying a delicious and satisfying dessert. I hope you love this simple Bubble Gum Nice Cream Recipe!

Enjoy the video to learn how to make this simple two-ingredient Bubble Gum Nice Cream recipe!

This Recipe is Super Delicious, Satisfying, Fat-Free, Dairy-Free, Raw Vegan, and Sure to blow you and anyone you share it with away!

Bubble Gum Nice Cream Recipe

The Best Bubble Gum Nice Cream Recipe 

5-6 Bananas (1.1 lb / 500 g)

Jackfruit (1.1 lb / 500 g)

  1. Peel your bananas at least 12 hours before and place them in a freezer bag, suck out the air, and place them in the freezer overnight or longer, do the same for the jackfruit, or, purchase frozen jackfruit from an ethnic store.
  2. Remove the frozen bananas and jackfruit from the freezer and let them stand on the counter for 5-10 minutes to slightly thaw.
  3.  Chop into bite-sized pieces and add 1/2 of each fruit to your high-powered blender, I recommend the Vitamix or a quality food processor with an “S” blade.
  4. If using the Vitamix its best to only fill the blender to about 1/2 of its capacity, put the lid on, turn on at a slow speed, and then quickly turn it up to full speed and vigorously use the tamper to force the mixture into the blades making sure to push from every angle. If using a food processor turn on full speed and let run until smooth or until you need open and push chunks into the center with a spatula.
  5. Repeat with the other 1/2 of the fruit and serve in a big bowl or two or more if you share. (920 Calories)

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